Home Mortgage And Our Age

Home Mortgage And Our Age
Home mortgage refers to​ the​ document borrower signs that gives the​ lender a​ right to​ take possession of​ the​ property if​ the​ borrower fails to​ pay off the​ loan.
We,​ the​ people,​ and they,​ the​ people also,​ love to​ own things .​
Some important,​ some trivial .​
From small things with great sentimental values to​ large things that everyone envies .​
Owning a​ home for most is​ a​ dream come through and again for most owning a​ home is​ a​ dream most will never truly realize.
Yes,​ most live in​ a​ home but as​ long as​ you​ make payment on​ the​ home mortgage,​ in​ my opinion you​ do not own it .​
It does not diminish the​ pleasure you​ or​ I​ drive from living in​ a​ home that is​ not a​ rental nor do we take less pride in​ the​ fact that we actually live in​ a​ property that to​ most people can call it​ ours.
After all,​ we pay property tax,​ the​ insurance and the​ homeowner dues .​
We mow the​ lawn even when we rather watch football and repair the​ roof when needed even if​ we have to​ borrow some more money to​ pay for it .​
We furnish the​ home,​ buy indoor plants .​
We landscape the​ yard and we throw parties in​ the​ back yard and play tag with our rottweiler.
For all practical purposes except one,​ we own the​ home .​
So why am I​ making a​ big deal out of​ this thing called home mortgage .​
May be I​ shouldn’t since over the​ last twenty some years of​ home ownership,​ home mortgage,​ home equity line of​ credit and second mortgage has helped me out of​ so many financial troubles that I​ can hardly count.
As my wife and I​ get older we also realize that every time we traded our home up we moved to​ a​ bigger and more beautiful home which also meant a​ bigger home mortgage .​
We realize that we cherish freedom more and more and home mortgage obligation is​ something that we love to​ have paid off .​
We like to​ truly own the​ home.
As you​ look at​ various lenders looking for a​ new home mortgage loans or​ refinance your existing home,​ you​ may also consider that you,​ at​ some point,​ may want to​ own your home .​
Perhaps,​ the​ lowest interest rate home mortgage is​ not the​ best way to​ go but the​ one that with a​ little hardship helps you​ own your home a​ little earlier.
I think one of​ the​ greatest financial securities in​ life is​ not owning a​ home but having the​ home mortgage paid off .​
What do you​ think?
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