Holiday Stress Take Care Of You

Holiday Stress Take Care Of You

The holidays usually provoke pleasant feelings and happy times. Unfortunately,​ they can often also be a​ major source of​ stress. it​ is​ very easy to​ get caught up in​ the​ whirlwind of​ shopping,​ decorating,​ baking,​ parties,​ and visiting with family and friends. There is​ so much going on​ around us and so many obligations we feel we need to​ fulfill. How do you​ keep your head above water in​ all this commotion?

First of​ all,​ there is​ no one solution,​ nor does the​ same thing work for everyone. Start by taking a​ deep breath. the​ important lesson here is​ to​ pace yourself,​ and to​ make sure you​ are taking care of​ yourself along the​ way. Too often we find ourselves getting run down or​ sick at​ this time of​ the​ year. Then,​ when we are down,​ how do we enjoy the​ holidays?

Some tips to​ help you​ have a​ happy holiday season:
* Get plenty of​ sleep.
* Eat healthy meals (while at​ parties,​ eat smaller portions).
* Get as​ much exercise as​ you​ can.
* Say "no" once in​ a​ while. you​ do not have to​ be all things to​ all people.
* Avoid excessive alcohol.
* Spend time with fun people.
* Borrow some holiday cheer and spread it​ around.
* Laugh often.

Following these tips is​ sure to​ enhance your holiday spirit,​ and lessen your stress. Lighten up and enjoy yourself this holiday season. you​ deserve it!

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