Holiday Stress Cure Holiday Sex

I don't know if​ it's because I'm getting older or​ this world is​ getting more and more materialistic - but Christmas is​ really becoming an​ overwhelming holiday for many people,​ especially women - and not just mothers.

Everyone has this idealistic fantasy of​ what a​ good holiday celebration should consist of: Good food. Presents. Family. Gatherings. Decorations. Christmas lights. Concerts. School plays. the​ list goes on​ and on.

Everyone is​ under some sort of​ pressure to​ perform - and if​ you​ aren't - then you​ are under some sort of​ pressure to​ appear at​ someone else's celebration - or​ you​ feel like the​ only person in​ the​ world who has no one during the​ holiday season to​ celebrate with.

Wherever you​ fit in,​ don't forget to​ have sex!

If you​ have someone readily available to​ have it​ with - then have it. Because as​ I write articles on​ stress relievers and blues busters...the one tried and true method for all over stress relief is​ a​ good dose of​ healthy and consensual sex!

Don't let the​ holidays ruin your sex life ladies. Instead - have fun with it.

Quick tips...

1. Have sex before a​ night of​ last minute holiday shopping!

2. Stay in,​ have sex,​ and then shop online for everything.

3. Park in​ front of​ a​ decorated house or​ local xmas tree - and smooch.

4. if​ your family starts arguing during dinner,​ take your partner in​ the​ guest room!

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