Hidden Digital Video Recorders Put Law Enforcement On Top

As hard as​ it​ may be to​ believe,​ not everybody has a​ DVD player. Not everybody even necessarily wants one. Are you a​ VCR kind of​ person? Then there are hidden digital video recorders that look like and are VCRs. These handy video recorders can record 1280 and even 1440 hours of​ time lapse video. They can also record up to​ forty and forty-five hours of​ real time video and all on​ a​ 180 VHS cassette.

Some of​ these machines are nearly half the​ size of​ a​ regular VCR and come with battery back-ups,​ date and time generators,​ various recording options,​ record locks to​ prevent unauthorized tampering,​ and a​ programmable timer. You can even get ones with a​ lighter adaptor cable and remote IR sensor for use in​ buses and taxis,​ and with a​ video motion detection chip,​ the​ unit only records when there is​ motion actually present.

If security is​ vital to​ you and you have more than one camera in​ operation,​ how can you simplify your hidden digital video recorders operation? That is​ where a​ quad system comes into play. These systems support four different cameras at​ the​ same time,​ saving you the​ high cost of​ operating four different monitoring systems. With its superb plug and play interface,​ the​ quad system can monitor all four cameras simultaneously,​ and show all four views on​ your computer screen at​ the​ same time,​ or​ if​ you prefer,​ you can watch the​ view of​ each camera separately. it​ is​ totally up to​ you.

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