Healthy Solutions For Stress And Obesity

Healthy Solutions For Stress And Obesity

Healthy Solutions For Stress and​ Obesity
Advances in​ science and​ technology have revolutionized how people live and​ work. ​
the​ breakthroughs in​ 21st Century medical science have extended life expectancy rates and​ wiped out some of​ the​ diseases that were once thought to​ be incurable.
Still,​ these modern miracles have fallen short of​ eradicating two of​ the​ most troublesome conditions that have afflicted mankind stress and​ anxiety. ​
No matter how many vitamins we take,​ or​ how many fitness programs we try... ​
absolutely no one can get immunity from lifes woes.
Another health problem that poses a​ challenge to​ medical science is​ the​ silent plague of​ obesity. ​
According to​ the​ U.S. ​
Obesity Society,​ at ​ least 64% of​ Americans are now obese or​ overweight. ​
the​ dramatic changes in​ food intake or​ diet,​ the​ ease of​ transportation,​ and​ the​ change of​ work into a​ more sedentary activity have all contributed to​ the​ rise of​ obesity.
But another major factor that has been left behind in​ the​ news is​ the​ fact that stress is​ a​ contributing cause for obesity. ​
What comes to​ mind when you​ are trying to​ beat the​ deadline? What comes to​ mind when you​ become so tense just thinking about the​ upcoming bar exams? What comes to​ mind when you​ feel over worked? Food! Food! and​ More Food! you​ begin to​ develop food cravings as​ a​ way to​ relax your nerves and​ keep your mind off your problems for a​ while. ​
You can hear it​ calling inside your head Come to​ me....taste me! How delicious I ​ am today! Your mind suddenly is​ filled with swirling images of​ cakes,​ cookies,​ candies,​ chocolate bars,​ donuts,​ burgers....and,​ mind you,​ not just plain burgers were talking about double cheese burgers with extra toppings.
It is​ true that eating is​ one of​ the​ most common escapes for troubled souls. ​
No wonder there is​ such as​ term as​ comfort food. ​
Depressed people are more prone to​ give in​ to​ food cravings. ​
Studies show that an average healthy individual carries around about seven to​ ten pounds of​ toxic waste. ​
So it​ is​ not hard to​ imagine how much waste overweight people have to​ move around with. ​
Other studies reveal that 10 percent of​ people who are overweight actually began overeating as​ a​ means to​ escape from their anxieties. ​
The pleasures of​ eating had become a​ way to​ block off all negative thoughts and​ feelings. ​

Having a​ healthy body and​ a​ healthy mind is​ something that we cannot achieve separately. ​
in​ fact,​ our thoughts have a​ very big influence on​ how our bodies feel. ​
Somehow,​ our bodies show our mental and​ emotional condition. ​
Obesity,​ therefore,​ could probably be a​ sign of​ a​ more serious emotional and​ psychological problem. ​

Stress and​ anxiety,​ as​ indirect causes of​ overeating and​ obesity,​ must be addressed squearely in​ order to​ avoid more serious health problems. ​
to​ determine whether you​ or​ a​ person you​ know is​ being slowly sucked into a​ stress spiral,​ see if ​ you​ have any of​ these stress symptoms
l Fatigue
l High Blood Pressure
l Insomnia
l Irritability
l Memory loss
l Low selfesteem
l Nervous twitches
l Changes in​ sleep patterns
l Withdrawal
l Teethgrinding
Aside from managing our eating habits,​ we also need to​ manage our emotions. ​
the​ daily pressures at ​ work and​ at ​ home can be too much for some people. ​
Most urbanites and​ executives are trapped in​ a​ life in​ constant rush. ​
Busy people can become so frantic that even their eating habits can be affected. ​
Just observe a​ regular restaurant in​ the​ middle of​ the​ business and​ financial district. ​
Most likely,​ youll notive people just gobbling up whatever is​ in​ their plate...not really enjoying the​ meal. ​
and​ to​ make it​ worse,​ they eat enormous amounts of​ food thinking that they need to​ replenish themselves after having worked so hard. ​
the​ worst part is​ that instead of​ getting good nutrition,​ busy people consume high fat,​ high calorie foods that are not good for ones health. ​

So,​ if ​ you​ are serious about not getting too fat or​ becoming overweight,​ you​ must eliminate the​ many things that can cause stress in​ your life. ​
More than just controlling the​ amount of​ food you​ eat,​ you​ should also try one or​ more of​ the​ following healthenhancing activities
1. Try out a​ Yoga Program or​ DIY Yoga all you​ need is​ a​ mat and​ a​ yoga video showing the​ different Yoga positions.
2. Laugh till you​ drop laughter is​ still the​ best medicine. ​

3. Meditation although a​ bit difficult to​ master it​ is​ good stress reliever. ​
it​ involves focusing inwardly and​ shutting out all the​ noise,​ restore the​ body and​ give us calm.
4. Diet There are certain foods that contributes to​ a​ person being stressed out like for instance too much caffeine. ​
Watching what you​ eat and​ knowing what essential foods that gives you​ strength and​ stamina is​ vital. ​
Getting the​ right proteins and​ balancing it​ with vegetables keeps you​ strong and​ healthy!
A healthy solution to​ combat stress and​ obesity is​ that you​ must lessen your hectic,​ fastpaced life.
Get rid of​ the​ thousand and​ one things that bring chaos to​ your daily life. ​
Eat healthy foods and​ try to​ keep in​ mind to​ do everything in​ moderation. ​
Do something else with your hands other than dipping it​ into bucket of​ chicken or​ holding a​ liter of​ soda. ​

When you​ think about it,​ the​ solutions to​ stress and​ obesity are in​ your hands.

Healthy Solutions For Stress And Obesity

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