Having A Poor Self Image Is A Leading Cause Of Stress And Anxiety

Having A Poor Self Image Is A Leading Cause Of Stress And Anxiety

Having a​ poor self-image is​ a​ leading cause of​ stress and anxiety
There was this movie shown way back in​ 1992 called Single White Female .​
the​ main characters are played by two famous actresses named Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh .​
The character Allie is​ a​ successful software designer in​ the​ Big Apple who always found her climb up the​ career ladder and her personal life as​ both less than ideal .​
After asking her boyfriend to​ move out of​ the​ apartment,​ Allie opened up some space for a​ possible roommate .​
After a​ succession of​ possible roommates whom she found to​ be weirdos,​ she was able to​ settle on​ having shy lady named Hedy as​ a​ companion,​ albeit a​ paying companion in​ the​ apartment.
Hedy turned out to​ be another weirdo .​
Hedy became so obsessed with Allie that she even copied her looks,​ way of​ dressing,​ and literally assumed Allie's identity .​
Somehow,​ Hedy found security in​ assuming the​ relatively happier life of​ Allie .​
The character of​ Hedy actually demonstrates the​ loneliness and perils of​ a​ person suffering from inferiority complex .​
This inferiority complex is​ nothing new or​ rare .​
in​ fact,​ many women especially young girls are experiencing this form of​ low self-esteem .​
An inferiority complex is​ a​ nagging feeling of​ never being able to​ be good enough .​
It is​ being so uncomfortable with how one looks,​ speaks,​ or​ moves .​
It is​ a​ total lack of​ appreciation for one's self .​
Inferiority complex is​ an​ extreme lack of​ self-esteem,​ self-confidence,​ and having a​ constant feeling of​ inadequacy.
For some people their concept of​ self-worth is​ based on​ the​ affirmation of​ other people .​
Affirmation,​ or​ confirmation,​ in​ the​ form of​ a​ friendly smile,​ a​ handshake or​ simple hello decides whether a​ person with an​ inferiority complex would feel good about himself or​ herself .​
The need for social approval is​ one underlying needs of​ persons with low self-esteem .​
When a​ person lacks social skills,​ he or​ she develops a​ self-pity mode which may eventually lead to​ stress and anxiety .​
According to​ Alfred Adler,​ a​ well known Austrian psychologist,​ the​ inferiority complex is​ derived from physical disability or​ from faulty relationships .​
This complex is​ a​ need to​ validate one's self .​
Some of​ the​ causes of​ inferiority complex include:
l Socio-Economic Causes - This is​ a​ common cause and mostly felt by people from a​ lower socio-economic class or​ people who worked for wealthy families .​
Seeing other people living in​ higher standards makes the​ person from the​ lower class blame himself for not being successful or​ for not being able to​ provide a​ better life for his family .​
l Physical Causes - This results from a​ physical defect or​ lack of​ appreciation for one's physical appearance .​
Some people feel inferior for being overweight,​ being too skinny,​ or​ being too short .​
Because of​ their physical conditions,​ these people think of​ themselves as​ less important than others.

To defeat the​ ill-effects of​ low self-esteem,​ here are some tips to​ feel better about yourself:
1. Never compare yourself to​ others
2. Work along with others,​ be a​ team player
3. Participate in​ worthwhile activities
4. Don't neglect yourself-you can improve yourself through going to​ school,​ attending workshops,​ seminars
5. Focus on​ the​ positive side of​ your life- be thankful for what you​ have
6. Read famous people who had overcome their failures and adversities especially people who becomes rich by sheer hard work and determination
If these tips don't help,​ your last resort may probably be to​ get proper counseling or​ in​ extreme cases get the​ advice and services of​ a​ psychiatrist.

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