Have You Done Your Lawn Mower Maintenance Yet

Trying to​ start your lawn mower after a​ long winter can be very frustrating so you should read our advices. Performing a​ few routine maintenance tasks before you store your lawn mower for the​ winter can save you time in​ the​ spring,​ prolong the​ life of​ your lawn mower,​ and save you money over the​ long run.

Even if​ you have already put your lawn mower into storage for the​ winter,​ a​ few simple maintenance tasks performed before starting your lawn mower in​ the​ spring can be very beneficial.
Wash and dry your lawn mower after the​ mowing season is​ over.

A power blower can be very helpful in​ removing grass and debris from the​ underside of​ your lawn mower and other hard to​ reach areas. if​ your lawn mower engine is​ air-cooled,​ use a​ stick or​ wooden dowel to​ remove any residue from the​ cooling fins. if​ you have a​ lawn mower with a​ water-cooled engine,​ check the​ coolant level and fill the​ reservoir if​ needed.

Clean the​ radiator cooling fins with a​ strong jet of​ water. You should also drain the​ fuel tank and replace the​ fuel filter. the​ air filter housing should be cleaned and the​ air filter replaced.
Remember to​ check the​ spark plug(s) for corrosion and wear.

Don't attempt to​ clean the​ spark plug if​ it​ is​ showing some wear. it​ is​ cheap and easy to​ replace the​ spark plug. Be sure to​ remove any debris before removing the​ spark plug and by using a​ bit of​ anti-seize compound when you replace the​ old spark plug,​ you will ensure easier removal next year. Clean and lubricate the​ throttle linkages and the​ choke,​ and apply grease to​ the​ mower deck and all the​ fittings.

This will be easier if​ you remove the​ mower deck and you can sharpen the​ blades while the​ mower deck is​ off. Sharpening the​ blades after each mowing season will give you a​ better cut next year and save you the​ trouble of​ having to​ sharpen them in​ the​ spring.

Clean the​ battery terminals and replace your old lawn mower battery if​ necessary. You can help prevent corrosion of​ the​ terminals if​ you apply grease to​ the​ posts at​ the​ end of​ each mowing season. Change the​ oil in​ the​ engine crankcase and replace the​ oil filter.

You should also drain the​ gas from your lawn mower before storing it​ for the​ winter. During the​ long summer mowing season,​ remember to​ wash your lawn mower and remove any debris after the​ mower has cooled. Keeping your lawn mower clean will add years to​ its life and make routine maintenance tasks a​ lot easier.
Lawn mowing is​ a​ job most of​ us face each and every year.

A lawn mower that runs great and is​ well maintained will make this job more enjoyable and easier all summer long. a​ yearly check up for your lawn mower is​ the​ perfect way to​ prolong its life and keep it​ running like new,​ and your lawn will look great when you mow with a​ machine that is​ in​ top working condition.

Your lawn mower will perform at​ the​ highest level possible if​ you remember to​ perform these simple maintenance tasks each and every year. During the​ summer months periodically check the​ oil and the​ condition of​ the​ air and fuel filters. You will save money and your lawn mower will work great for years to​ come.

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