Grubs A Small Pest That Can Devastate Your Lawn

You can get the​ better of​ grubs,​ though they're among the​ most damaging lawn pests in​ the​ United States. According to​ the​ U.S. Department of​ Agriculture,​ Americans spend millions of​ dollars a​ year replacing the​ lawns that grubs destroy. They're small,​ white insects with a​ brown head curled into a​ "C" shape.

White grubs live a​ few inches under your lawn and feed on​ the​ roots of​ your grass. Grubs are the​ larvae-or "juvenile" stage-of various kinds of​ scarab beetles,​ including Japanese beetles,​ chafers,​ and June and May beetles.

"When grubs are close to​ the​ surface,​ starlings and crows,​ as​ well as​ moles,​ shrews and skunks,​ can be seen digging them up because they're a​ food source,​" says Bayer Advanced™ lawn expert Lance Walheim,​ who wrote the​ book "Lawn Care for Dummies."

Identifying grub damage can be tricky. Look for:

• a​ general thinning and weakening of​ the​ lawn

• a​ wilted or​ dried-out look to​ your grass,​ even when soil is​ moist

• Large,​ brown,​ irregular patches of​ grass

• Large patches of​ dead turf that can easily be pulled up in​ one piece,​ like a​ piece of​ carpet.

"Grub damage is​ most severe in​ late summer,​ but problems can begin as​ early as​ mid- to​ late spring. Grubs are easiest to​ control when they are young,​ so prevention is​ key by taking action starting in​ May through early summer,​" says Walheim.

One preventive measure is​ Bayer Advanced™ Season-Long Grub Control,​ which contains Merit®. It's the​ only active ingredient guaranteed to​ kill all common types of​ grubs and is​ the​ #1 choice among turf professionals. Simply apply to​ your lawn and water it​ in​ to​ form a​ protective zone against grubs that protects all season long.

If your lawn is​ already under attack,​ Bayer Advanced™ 24-Hour Grub Killer Plus provides a​ quick solution. it​ contains the​ proprietary active ingredient Dylox®,​ which works faster than any other grub killer on​ the​ market. in​ fact,​ grubs usually stop feeding and start to​ die within 24 hours. it​ also kills sod webworms,​ mole crickets and cutworms.

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