Great Hotel Marketing Starts With Hotel Website Design

Great Hotel Marketing Starts With Hotel Website Design

Great Hotel Marketing Starts with Hotel Website Design
You may have the​ most wonderful hotel in​ the​ world,​ with gorgeous landscaping,​ comfortable rooms,​ and impeccable service,​ but if​ guests don't know about it,​ your occupancy rates will be a​ continual disappointment .​
In this day and age,​ the​ most critical component of​ hotel marketing is​ great hotel website design .​
Why Hotel Website Design?
The numbers say it​ all .​
During 2018,​ almost a​ third of​ all hotel revenues will be generated by online channels .​
Moreover,​ over half of​ your target audience's decision-making is​ influenced by the​ Internet .​
Over a​ third of​ hotel guests choose their hotel based on​ online research,​ but book through another channel .​
The remainder researched their choices through an​ Internet portal,​ but then tried to​ book directly with the​ travel provider .​
Without great hotel web site design,​ it's as​ if​ you​ printed 1,​000 beautiful,​ four-color,​ ten-page brochures that stunningly captured the​ unique nature of​ your hotel at​ ten dollars apiece,​ and then locked them away in​ a​ cupboard .​
How effective would they be? the​ look and feel is​ vitally important in​ motivating visitors to​ explore your hotel product,​ and in​ guiding them to​ buy,​ but without the​ right technology,​ site structure,​ and navigation methods,​ you​ will only have marginal online revenues.
Hotel Search Engine Optimization
Even if​ you​ have a​ wonderful hotel web site design,​ if​ no one can find your website when they are searching online for that luxury San Diego hotel,​ that romantic B&B outside Paris,​ or​ that adventure scuba holiday in​ the​ Maldives,​ it's as​ though you​ didn't have a​ website at​ all .​
The way that potential guests will find your hotel web site is​ through search engine optimization .​
Search engine optimization is​ both an​ art and a​ science - and shouldn't be left to​ amateurs .​
Search engine optimization techniques will enable your hotel website to​ be returned high in​ the​ rankings of​ search engine results - a​ critical element of​ effective online hotel marketing .​
Factors to​ Consider
When choosing a​ marketing company for your hotel website design,​ make sure that they understand and meet these goals:
* Generating qualified,​ quality visitor traffic
* Motivating visitors to​ delve deeper into your hotel website
* Converting visitors into online hotel revenues
Too often,​ hotel websites are developed in​ reverse,​ placing the​ emphasis on​ design rather than on​ generating website traffic .​
The key is​ to​ balance traffic generation effectiveness,​ the​ site's look and feel,​ and conversion techniques to​ produce a​ hotel web site that looks great,​ gets plenty of​ traffic that converts into bookings.
Find a​ Hotel Website Design Company
Today,​ Internet design and marketing companies have specializations .​
In order to​ get the​ best return on​ investment,​ it's best to​ choose a​ website design company that specializes in​ hotel website design .​
Make sure that their approach adheres to​ the​ following guidelines - otherwise,​ keep shopping .​
The company should:
* Identify your visitors' expectations and intentions
* Work with you​ to​ clarify your own objectives
* Develop a​ hotel website revenue conversion strategy
* Determine site components that satisfy both design and search engine optimization goals
* Map our click paths that will lead to​ conversion
Your hotel website design and search engine optimization are the​ two keys to​ generating the​ kind of​ traffic that will keep your occupancy rates in​ the​ stratosphere!

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