Good Stress And Bad Stress

The stress response of​ the​ body is​ somewhat like an​ airplane readying for take-off. Virtually all systems (eg,​ the​ heart and blood vessels,​ the​ immune system,​ the​ lungs,​ the​ digestive system,​ the​ sensory organs,​ and brain) are modified to​ meet the​ perceived danger.

Trembling Pounding Heart
With trembling and a​ pounding heart,​ we can find it​ difficult to​ execute precise,​ controlled skills. And the​ intensity of​ our focus on​ survival interferes with our ability to​ make fine judgments based on​ drawing information from many sources. We find ourselves more accident-prone and less able to​ make good decisions.

Become aware of​ your stressors and your emotional and physical reactions. Notice your distress. Don't ignore it. Don't gloss over your problems. Determine what events distress you. What are you​ telling yourself about meaning of​ these events? Determine how your body responds to​ the​ stress. Do you​ become nervous or​ physically upset? if​ so,​ in​ what specific ways?

Preventing Stress
Reduce the​ intensity of​ your emotional reactions to​ stress.
The stress reaction is​ triggered by your perception of​ danger... physical danger and/or emotional danger. Are you​ viewing your stressors in​ exaggerated terms and/or taking a​ difficult situation and making it​ a​ disaster?

Are you​ expecting to​ please everyone?
Are you​ overreacting and viewing things as​ absolutely critical and urgent? Do you​ feel you​ must always prevail in​ every situation? Work at​ adopting more moderate views; try to​ see the​ stress as​ something you​ can cope with rather than something that overpowers you. Try to​ temper your excess emotions. Put the​ situation in​ perspective. Do not labor on​ the​ negative aspects and the​ "what if's."

Good Stress and Bad Stress
The stress response (also called the​ fight or​ flight response) is​ critical during emergency situations,​ such as​ when a​ driver has to​ slam on​ the​ brakes to​ avoid an​ accident. it​ can also be activated in​ a​ milder form at​ a​ time when the​ pressure's on​ but there's no actual danger - like stepping up to​ take the​ foul shot that could win the​ game,​ getting ready to​ go to​ a​ big dance,​ or​ sitting down for a​ final exam. a​ little of​ this stress can help keep you​ on​ your toes,​ ready to​ rise to​ a​ challenge. And the​ nervous system quickly returns to​ its normal state,​ standing by to​ respond again when needed.

Relieve Stress with Stress Ball
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