Getting Some Anxiety And Stress Relief

Everyone is​ seeking some form of​ anxiety and stress relief. Hopefully you​ haven't resorted to​ self-medication with alcohol. Rather than applying a​ balm to​ the​ sore of​ stress,​ why not find a​ way to​ stop the​ stress from getting out of​ hand in​ the​ first place. I'll take preventative medicine over reactive medicine any day.

One effective approach to​ getting anxiety and stress relief is​ to​ address the​ thinking in​ your mind that is​ causing the​ stress. the​ whole field of​ cognitive psychology is​ devoted to​ this approach. So,​ one type of​ faulty thinking that can lead to​ stress,​ anxiety and depression is​ all-or-nothing thinking.

What is​ all-or-nothing thinking? it​ goes like this: Someone who suffers from this mistaken form of​ thought always looks at​ things in​ black and white,​ good or​ bad,​ right or​ wrong,​ etc. if​ you​ partake in​ this kind of​ analysis of​ your life then you​ are setting yourself up for a​ lot of​ grief. Now,​ correcting this thinking may not happen overnight. But if​ you​ become mindful of​ your all-or-nothing thinking then you​ can correct it​ little by little and get the​ anxiety and stress relief you​ are seeking.

Here is​ an​ example of​ this all-or-nothing thinking. Let's say that your stress is​ the​ result of​ you​ not being able to​ finish all the​ tasks on​ your to-do list. I am often guilty of​ this. I tend to​ make myself way too busy because there is​ so much that I want to​ do. I know I've pushed myself too far when I start to​ get that knot in​ my throat and my anxiety level increases. This happened just recently. in​ order to​ get the​ anxiety and stress relief I needed,​ I had to​ modify my thinking.

Instead of​ either succeeding or​ failing at​ my to-do list for any given day,​ I had to​ be ok with not completing everything on​ the​ list. But,​ that didn't work so well. I didn't like seeing things left undone. That was the​ all-or-nothing thinking again. So,​ then I just made the​ to-do list smaller and that worked almost immediately. in​ fact,​ that night when I decided that I couldn't do everything I wanted to​ do and had to​ settle for less,​ I could feel the​ knot in​ my throat shrivel up and disappear into calm. This is​ a​ good example of​ great anxiety and stress relief by challenging faulty thinking. This is​ just one example of​ anxiety and stress relief by challenging all-or-nothing thinking. Another example could involve you​ demanding that you​ get an​ a​ on​ a​ test. Getting a​ B isn't good enough. Again,​ you​ are setting yourself up for a​ lot of​ grief if​ you​ think this way. Bring some flexibility into your life and get the​ stress and anxiety relief you​ need.

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