Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress

Perhaps one for the​ biggest hidden dangers today is​ Geopathic Stress. you​ can't see it,​ taste it,​ smell it,​ feel it​ or​ hear it; yet it​ surrounds us all. Geopathic stress itself comes in​ two primary types,​ natural and unnatural. it​ is​ basically the​ energetic fields that are emanated from various sources.

Natural forms of​ EMF include lay lines,​ underwater sources,​ energy vortex's and negative Feng Shui lines. These have always been around us and recognized by many cultures,​ in​ particular the​ chinese and the​ celts. Dowsing has been the​ most common way to​ identify these energy fields and has been used around the​ world in​ various forms for many centuries.

There have been many studies carried out linking these natural geopathic stress fields to​ illness,​ and in​ particular cancer. People who developed cancer had their home checked and it​ was discovered that dowsers could pick up negative energy fields in​ areas they spent large amounts of​ time,​ often through the​ bed. Research was then conducted on​ who had previously lived there and it​ was found that there was a​ very high incidence of​ previous occupants dying from cancer.

It's not just cancer but a​ whole range of​ illnesses and problems that have been linked to​ geopathic stress. These include ME,​ depression,​ insomnia,​ headaches,​ back pain,​ and stress. However the​ past hundred years we have seen a​ rise in​ the​ geopathic stress due to​ the​ large amounts of​ electrical equipment now used.

It is​ estimated that the​ ambient EMF pollution has increased over 200 million times in​ the​ past century. This level increases to​ over 1 billion times in​ city centre's. an​ experiment with bumble bees showed them going crazy and attacking each other when exposed to​ high EMF fields,​ a​ rather scary similarity to​ our own culture in​ many ways.

I ask men 'would they put their testicles in​ a​ microwave?',​ and the​ answer is​ of​ course no. I then ask if​ they carry a​ cell phone in​ their trouser pocket,​ to​ which the​ answer is​ usually yes. What is​ the​ difference? Well essentially the​ time it​ takes them to​ cook. This is​ a​ little too close to​ the​ truth for comfort.

Cell phones emit frequencies in​ the​ micro wave range,​ so do microwaves,​ hence their name. Now agreed a​ microwave has a​ lot higher radiation level but thermal image scans on​ the​ brain have showed that it​ too heats up when using a​ mobile phone. in​ fact 2 minutes needs one hour for the​ effects to​ fully reduce. Think about that. it​ means that many people are literally 'hot headed' the​ whole day!

Now I know cell phones get a​ lot of​ bad press,​ and perhaps a​ little unfairly when you​ consider how bad cordless phones are,​ and worse still hairdryers. the​ fact of​ the​ matter is​ every electrical device gives off something. So take an​ average office worker.

First they make their toast,​ in​ a​ toaster. Not too bad if​ they are not standing too close. Then they drive to​ work,​ in​ a​ car. Cars generate huge levels of​ EMF's due to​ the​ metals in​ the​ tyres,​ moving engine parts,​ air conditioning,​ radios etc. This is​ the​ all contained in​ a​ metal cage insulated from the​ ground allowing it​ to​ build up. It's no wonder so many people become stressed and fatigued driving. Then they arrive at​ work,​ sit in​ front of​ a​ computer,​ emitting radiation,​ under fluorescent lights,​ emitting radiation,​ take a​ cell phone call,​ emitting radiation and on​ and on. They finally drive home,​ in​ their car,​ and then sit in​ front of​ their TV,​ emitting radiation,​ eating their radiated food from their microwave. And that's only a​ brief look.

You can use EFT and other Energy Psychology methods to​ clear some of​ the​ disruptions to​ your system caused by EMFs. Headaches from fluorescent lighting is​ a​ great example. This though,​ in​ my opinion,​ needs to​ be done on​ a​ frequent basis as​ your system keeps becoming re-disrupted. it​ is​ also impossible to​ be aware of​ everything affecting you​ all the​ time. We need a​ more practical,​ long term solution.

I don't want to​ paint a​ picture of​ doom and gloom and get you​ even more depressed,​ however a​ little awareness could go a​ long way. it​ is​ obviously impractical to​ give up this way of​ life for most people,​ so what to​ do?

Protection is​ the​ key. Minimize exposure where possible,​ i.e. use a​ normal wired in​ phone when possible,​ walk don't drive when possible etc. For the​ rest of​ life I cannot recommend BioPro highly enough. There are now many EMF neutralizers out there but none as​ well tested as​ BioPro. Mobile phone shields do not work,​ they cannot work or​ neither would the​ phone. However the​ fields can be harmonized so they no longer affect the​ body. on​ their website BioPro have thermal scan evidence of​ mobile phone heating the​ brain,​ then not heating the​ brain with the​ use of​ a​ BioPro harmonizing chip. There is​ plenty of​ more evidence and research on​ the​ site too for a​ range of​ products. Don't delay,​ act today. EMF's are not going to​ fix themselves.

I usually hate multilevel marketing because you​ feel the​ person selling to​ you​ has such a​ vested interest. However I hope as​ you​ will appreciate from my site my main focus is​ to​ educate people about what they can do for themselves. These products last for life and so may well be the​ best investment for yourself and loved ones in​ the​ modern age,​ allowing you​ and your family to​ enjoy modern technology without the​ dangers.

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