Free Website Setup Eliminating Online Marketing Overhead

A great start to​ a​ website campaign is​ to​ get the​ most out of​ the​ money you​ currently have. in​ most cases the​ starting capital for a​ new online business is​ relatively low and therefore marketers are forced to​ market their website in​ the​ most cost-effective way possible. One sure way to​ start up in​ the​ most cost-effective way would be to​ eliminate the​ cost of​ web development and web design by trying to​ find free website setup. Free website setup comes mostly with affiliate sites.

An affiliate site is​ a​ site in​ which you​ promote someone else’s or​ another company’s product or​ service. in​ most cases you​ would have a​ drop-shipping arrangement with this company,​ in​ which you​ don’t worry about anything but the​ marketing aspect of​ the​ product. When you​ receive an​ order through your link to​ an​ affiliate site they will receive the​ order directly and do whatever shipping methods are needed. if​ the​ sold item is​ a​ service no shipping is​ necessary. Once the​ order is​ placed you​ will receive a​ certain percentage as​ commission for referring the​ sale. the​ key is​ to​ look for a​ great product or​ service that would sell and has a​ generous commission percentage.

With some affiliate sign-ups the​ company would give you​ a​ website gateway which would have your affiliate ID embedded in​ it​ to​ promote. Once sales are made through this gateway page you​ receive commissions. Some affiliate partnerships can result in​ residual income. What is​ residual income you​ ask? Residual income is​ income in​ which you​ receive every month as​ with a​ web hosting service. you​ would get a​ monthly payment from each customer every month that they remain a​ customer. Residual income opportunities are the​ wave of​ the​ future and a​ great way to​ result in​ a​ full time income from online marketing.

Web design and web development costs can get pretty pricey especially since most the​ time it​ is​ charged by the​ hour. With affiliate sites however it​ is​ easy to​ find sites that will offer free website setup,​ which will rid you​ of​ the​ thousands of​ dollars that can be spent with web developers and designers.

Now that you​ have eliminated 2 “overhead” factors of​ online marketing (eg. Inventory and web development) all that is​ left to​ focus on​ is​ the​ actual marketing of​ the​ product(s)/service(s). Saving all the​ money from the​ elimination of​ these “overheads” will allow you​ to​ have a​ bigger budget for promoting these product(s)/service(s). Therefore,​ in​ the​ end you​ will be able to​ have a​ more effective online business campaign.

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