Free Seminars Reveals How Any Homeowner Can Pay Off Their Home Mortgage In As Little As 7 Years

Free Seminars Reveals How Any Homeowner Can Pay Off Their Home Mortgage in​ as​ Little as​ 7 Years...
...With Little to​ No Change to​ Income or​ Spending Habits!
Little known mortgage concept pioneered in​ Australia that US banks don't want homeowners to​ know about will be revealed in​ seminars presented by Money Principal Group

Portland,​ OR (MP 02/17/06) - Utilizing the​ flexible mortgage account concept pioneered in​ Australia,​ mortgage education and loan company Money Principal Group of​ Utah has produced a​ patent-pending mortgage home loan program entitled The MPG Mortgage Eliminator .​

Homeowners and future first-time homebuyers can learn about The MPG Mortgage Eliminator through a​ series of​ seminars from Money Principal Group,​ presented live as​ well as​ through web-based andtelephone-based seminars .​
Webinars and teleseminars are available to​ those that aren't able to​ attend the​ live seminars in​ their area.

We are conducting these seminars and presentations to​ reveal to​ homeowners the​ closely guarded knowledge on​ how to​ 'be their own bank.' Homeowners can 'be their own bank' through combining their home mortgage and bank account into ONE account and can see TREMENDOUS savings over the​ life of​ their mortgage,​ says Ed Bisquera,​ representative for Money Principal Group .​
It's a​ simple concept based on​ mortgage cycling and simple time-tested cash flow principles .​
Really what this accomplishes,​ is​ reduce the​ effects of​ compound interest and returns the​ interest spread banks normally earn,​ back into the​ pockets of​ homeowners .​

The basis of​ the​ program is​ to​ show homeowners how to​ use their mortgage as​ an​ all-in-one bank account,​ which can help them to​ pay off their home in​ as​ little as​ 7 years,​ with very little change to​ current household income or​ spending habits .​

This concept has helped over sixty percent of​ homeowners in​ Australia achieve this where it​ was originally pioneered by Citibank over 30 years ago .​
the​ flexible mortgage account is​ now a​ widely popular mortgage concept in​ Australia,​ New Zealand,​ Great Britain,​ South Africa and Canada .​

People interested in​ these seminars should call or​ visit the​ website to​ reserve a​ spot,​ as​ the​ seminars fillup quickly due to​ its' popularity and are limited to​ a​ small attendance .​

A schedule of​ future seminars and a​ reservation can be requested by calling a​ free recorded message hotline at​ 1-800-862-0784 ext .​
12 or​ by visiting their website at​

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