Four Steps To Combat College Stress

Four Steps To Combat College Stress

You're back to​ school and trying to​ balance exams,​ papers and projects. Meanwhile,​ the​ cafeteria food has you​ homesick for some good cooking,​ and your roommate's pile of​ clothes is​ oozing into your side of​ the​ room.

If college stress is​ more than you​ can handle,​ take these tips offered by,​ maker of​ Vital StressX,​ a​ supplement designed to​ help the​ body cope with stress:

* Get organized. When your work space and schedule are organized,​the rest of​ your life becomes better organized. Take time to​ sort your papers into files by subject,​ putting your books on​ a​ bookshelf and clearing your desktop every day. Next,​ get an​ organizer or​ PDA and start putting due dates and social activities on​ the​ calendar.

* Discuss any problems with your professors or​ an​ adviser. Take advantage of​ the​ knowledge your adviser has in​ helping you​ manage your schedule and combat any problems you​ are having with certain subjects.

* Maintain a​ balanced lifestyle. It's important to​ eat,​ sleep,​ and exercise regularly. Eat breakfast,​ lunch and dinner,​ and carry light snacks with you​ to​ maintain your energy throughout the​ day. Aim for eight hours of​ sleep each night,​ and exercise for 30 minutes at​ least three times a​ week.

* Supplement your routine. Studies have shown some all-natural supplements,​ such as​ Vital StressX,​ can be beneficial in​ the​ fight against stress. Vital StressX contains a​ combination of​ seven herbs,​ known as​ adaptogens,​ that have been shown in​ clinical trials to​ control the​ production of​ excess amounts of​ cortisol. These adaptogens were discovered by Soviet scientists nearly half a​ century ago and are believed to​ help your body adapt to​ stressful conditions,​ boost energy and endurance,​ and help sharpen your memory and alertness.

"Vital StressX facilitates focus and concentration,​ reducing stress and promoting success,​" said Dr. Robert D'Amico,​ a​ specialist in​ osteopathic medicine in​ Tarpon Springs,​ Fla.

Four Steps To Combat College Stress

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