Five Stress Relief Games For Groups

Five Stress Relief Games For Groups

Stress can be defined as​ the​ external forces of​ the​ outside world impacting on​ the​ individual. Yet stress is​ also a​ normal part of​ life that can help us develop and grow as​ people. on​ the​ other hand,​ stress can cause us significant problems.

Stress releases potent neurochemicals and hormones these prepare us for action. the​ common reason for stress is​ to​ either fight or​ flee. if​ we don't take action,​ the​ stress response can lead to​ health problems. Prolonged,​ uninterrupted,​ unexpected,​ and unmanageable stresses are the​ most damaging types of​ stress.

Day in​ and day out we face stressful situations. They meet us at​ every corner of​ our life. We can face to​ face and with stress in​ life's low valleys as​ well as​ on​ the​ mountaintops where we experience life's real joys. the​ good and the​ bad both come with there own patterns of​ stress.

Meeting groups of​ people can be particularly problematic. Everybody,​ no matter how experienced they may be,​ will feel a​ degree of​ stress when faced with a​ group situation.

Bear in​ mind that if​ you​ are feeling under stress then everyone else in​ the​ group is​ feeling in​ much the​ same way. However,​ if​ you've been called to​ lead that group then the​ stress on​ you​ is​ going to​ be that much greater. you​ will be concerned about how others perceive you,​ about whether you​ will be accepted or​ not and you​ will be thinking about the​ task that the​ group must face as​ well. Never lose sight of​ the​ big picture,​ the​ reason for the​ existence of​ the​ group.

The group will operate and perform their task much better if​ they are feeling comfortable with the​ group. the​ group dynamics can be influenced by the​ degree of​ interaction of​ the​ members of​ the​ group. if​ you​ are the​ leader then it's your responsibility to​ get the​ group performing.

You will find the​ task much easier and less stressful if​ you​ are adequately prepared. One way you​ can prepare is​ to​ have a​ bank of​ stress relief games for groups at​ hand,​ or​ at​ least have an​ idea of​ how these stress relief games for groups work.

You'll find that these games will help to​ break down the​ natural barriers that exist as​ groups begin to​ form and develop.

Stress Relief Games for Groups #1: if​ I Were A...

These stress relief games is​ extremely good at​ getting people out of​ their shells and begin communicating. Good communication assists with group performance and without it​ the​ group would never achieve its stated aims.

Its best to​ have the​ group stand or​ sit in​ a​ circle,​ this will create a​ sense of​ the​ belonging. the​ leader starts by turning to​ the​ person on​ his right and ask the​ question "if you​ work and animal what animal which you​ be?" That person will answer the​ question and turn to​ the​ person on​ his right and ask a​ similar question,​ such as​ if​ you​ were a​ famous writer who would you​ be? the​ game that continues and everyone has a​ chance to​ ask a​ question and give an​ answer. Just remember that nobody is​ allowed to​ repeat a​ category.

This is​ a​ very simple game with no preparation beforehand and that is​ the​ best type of​ stress relief game for a​ group.

Stress Relief Games for Groups #2: Who Likes What?

In this game everybody has a​ pencil and a​ piece of​ paper on​ which to​ list five categories. Basically the​ categories can be about anything such as​ "composers",​ "actors" or​ any other category like a​ fancy.

Now everybody is​ simply lists their favourite item in​ each part of​ the​ category.

Give everyone a​ piece of​ paper and a​ pencil. Then list five categories such as​ "foods" or​ "musicians." Everyone should list his or​ her favourite thing in​ each category. All the​ slips of​ paper should then be given back to​ you​ (the leader). as​ you​ read each list aloud,​ the​ other members of​ the​ group try to​ guess whose list you​ are reading.

Stress Relief Games for Groups #3: Liar,​ Liar

Here we have each person in​ the​ group making three or​ four comments about themselves. Some of​ the​ comments should be true and some should be false,​ its up to​ the​ rest of​ the​ group to​ decide which are true and which are false.

Stress Relief Games for Groups #4: Gossip

This one's especially great for groups that have to​ go on​ to​ develop a​ serious sense of​ communication but you​ do need at​ least 10 people for it​ to​ be most effective. the​ maximum for this game is​ 20. so bear these details in​ mind if​ you​ plan to​ use it.

The idea is​ that the​ leader begins by whispering a​ long sentence to​ the​ person on​ his right. That person passes the​ message onto the​ person to​ her right and so the​ message goes around the​ group.

Its amazing how the​ message will turn out as​ it​ gets passed on. This game will demonstrate just how informal communication gets changed form its original idea into something that never happened. It'll stress the​ need to​ write down important notes as​ the​ need arises. We cannot always rely on​ word of​ mouth alone.

Stress Relief Games for Groups #5: Ethics

This game works well for a​ small group of​ adults who know each other who love to​ discuss/argue issues and don't get offended easily. the​ leader starts the​ game by turning to​ a​ random group member and presenting an​ ethical dilemma. For instance,​ "If you​ knew someone was going to​ kill your worst enemy,​ would you​ try to​ warn him?" the​ person answers the​ question and explains his or​ her rationale. Then the​ group votes on​ whether or​ not they believe the​ person would really act as​ they said they would. if​ the​ majority of​ participants think the​ person is​ lying,​ he or​ she is​ out of​ the​ game. if​ the​ majority thinks he/she is​ telling the​ truth,​ that person picks another "victim" and poses another ethical dilemma. Last player left is​ the​ winner.

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