Finding The Right Mortgage Company

Finding the​ Right Mortgage Company
There are several mortgage companies that offer a​ rich array of​ loan products of​ services .​
Below is​ short list of​ these mortgage companies.
Fannie Mae Mortgage Company
An industry giant,​ Fannie Mae Mortgage Company is​ one of​ the​ leading companies that offer home loans .​
The products and services of​ this mortgage company make it​ possible for low-,​ moderate-,​ and middle-income families to​ buy homes of​ their own .​
Since 1968,​ Fannie Mae Mortgage Company has helped more than 63 million families achieve their homeownership goals.
Freddie Mac Mortgage Company
Another mortgage company that is​ comparable with Fannie Mae Mortgage Company is​ Freddie Mac Mortgage Company .​
This mortgage company is​ a​ stockholder-owned corporation chartered by the​ U.S .​
Congress to​ keep cash flowing to​ mortgage lenders and in​ the​ process support homeownership and rental housing .​
Freddie Mac Mortgage Company purchases residential mortgages for single or​ multiple families .​
Aside from that,​ this mortgage company also buys mortgage-related securities .​
These mortgages and securities are financed by Freddie Mac Mortgage Company through the​ issuance of​ mortgage pass via securities and debt instruments in​ the​ capital markets .​
By doing this,​ this mortgage company helps homeowners and renters get lower housing costs and better access to​ home financing.
CTX Mortgage Company
CTX Mortgage Company is​ a​ subsidiary of​ Centex Corporation,​ one of​ the​ Fortune 500 companies .​
This mortgage company offers several loan programs .​
One of​ the​ loan programs offered by this mortgage company is​ Conventional Financing .​
This loan program is​ not insured or​ guaranteed by any agency of​ the​ state of​ federal government .​
Another loan program offered by this mortgage company is​ FHA .​
This loan program requires lower down payment compared to​ conventional loans .​
This mortgage company offers Veterans Administration (VA) as​ part of​ their loan programs .​
VA loans allow more freedom compared to​ FHA loans and conventional loans .​
Through this mortgage company,​ veterans may obtain 100% loans up to​ $203,​000 with no money down.
Other loan programs offered by this mortgage company include 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs),​ 7-year Balloons,​ and jumbo loans.
Members Mortgage Company
Based in​ Woburn,​ Massachusetts,​ this mortgage company specializes in​ providing assistance to​ credit unions throughout New England .​
Members Mortgage Company does this by providing a​ comprehensive,​ convenient,​ and cost effective mortgage and loan programs for their clients .​
Aside from offering services for credit unions,​ this mortgage company also offers its products to​ home owners .​
This mortgage company has lending programs for home purchase financing or​ refinancing mortgages.
Utter Mortgage Company
A mortgage company that specializes in​ long term-financing,​ Utter Mortgage Company caters to​ commercial real estate .​
This mortgage company provides direct correspondence for a​ number of​ west and mid-west insurance companies .​
With loan amounts beginning at​ $750,​000,​ this mortgage company provides financing for properties,​ such as​ warehouses,​ shopping centers,​ office buildings,​ et cetera located in​ Nevada and Northern California .​
The loan terms involved in​ this mortgage company are usually 5,​ 7,​ or​ 10 year terms .​
Moreover,​ interest rates of​ this mortgage company are based on​ the​ Treasury rate index.
East/West Mortgage Company
This mortgage company offers very low rates on​ their mortgages .​
This mortgage company’s loan products include refinance mortgages,​ home equity loans,​ and debt consolidation .​
In addition,​ the​ East West Mortgage Company website offers free and convenient mortgage calculator that will help you​ estimate your monthly payments.

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