Finding The Right Lawyer In Spain

Finding The Right Lawyer In Spain

This is​ probably the​ most important step and should be one of​ your first priorities if​ you are serious about buying a​ house in​ Spain. Seek the​ services of​ a​ good lawyer,​ before you start the​ hunt. Why? Because with Spain currently still experiencing a​ property boom,​ and the​ market favoring the​ seller,​ it​ is​ important that you are ready to​ act quickly,​ to​ avoid any disappointment,​ should that perfect property present itself. a​ lot of​ house hunters start searching first and then worry about other things later. Considering that this will be a​ large investment of​ your time and money it​ is​ important to​ start off with your paper work in​ order first.

Your lawyer should be an​ independent professional who will protect your interests,​ and should be someone with whom you are comfortable with in​ terms of​ service and of​ course price. He or​ she should be fully conversant with both Spanish and U.K law.

Your lawyer or​ Abogado must be fluent in​ English as​ any badly translated contracts can,​ and have in​ the​ past rendered them useless,​ and can lead to​ a​ whole host of​ problems and some massive headaches in​ the​ future.

It is​ very important that you never sign any documents without getting your lawyer to​ check them first. This may sound like common sense,​ and it​ is. But picture this scenario: You’ve decided to​ buy a​ property in​ Spain but you are not entirely certain what you want . So you decide to​ start looking,​ ‘just to​ get a​ feeling for the​ market'
You are with really nice agents and they have a​ great deal that has just come in​ that morning,​ a​ perfect property at​ a​ very low price. So you rush off to​ view it. And guess what,​ it’s the​ one.
But you haven’t arranged a​ lawyer yet.
"That’s not a​ problem ",​ say the​ nice agents ,​"all you need to​ do is​ place a​ deposit to​ reserve it,​ then we​ can take it​ off our books immediately (so no one else will snap it​ up) and then your lawyer can check the​ property and legal stuff later."
So you go ahead read and sign the​ deposit contract,​ under the​ premise that you only are reserving the​ property.

But this isn’t true,​ and the​ contract can have clauses that bind you to​ adverse terms in​ the​ main document that you receive at​ a​ later date. if​ you were to​ do this then you could well have a​ problem getting your deposit back later,​ should your lawyer find something that may make you not go through with purchasing the​ property. So get a​ lawyer in​ place before you start your search.

Check that the​ person representing you is​ actually fully qualified and is​ a​ registered member of​ the​ Law Society. He or​ she should be happy to​ give you their registration number for ‘the Colegio de Abogados’ which you can and should double check. if​ you should have any problems then you can and should complain to​ them.
Also,​ by using a​ register lawyer/solicitor you are covered in​ the​ unlikely event that they make a​ mistake or​ act negligently. Register lawyers are covered by professional liability insurance,​ so you would be able to​ take action against them,​ knowing that the​ fund exists to​ compensate you if​ your lawyer is​ found liable.

An added bonus would be whether your lawyer can advise you on​ the​ various forms of​ property ownership and the​ associated taxes. it​ is​ however advisable to​ get the​ advise of​ a​ specialized financial advisor or​ accountant.

Finding a​ good reliable lawyer goes hand in​ hand with finding your perfect property,​ you wouldn’t buy a​ house just looking at​ it​ from the​ outside,​ to​ it​ recommended that you do your research as​ well when it​ comes to​ find a​ lawyer in​ Spain.Check out

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