Finding Calm When You Are Feeling Stress

Finding Calm When You Are Feeling Stress

There are two types of​ stressful situations: situations you​ can’t control,​ and ones you​ can at​ least do something about to​ improve the​ situation. First figure out what is​ causing you​ to​ feel agitated and if​ it​ is​ something you​ can or​ cannot influence.

Is the​ stressful situation caused by circumstances you​ can’t control? if​ it​ is,​ remind yourself you​ can cope with whatever happens,​ if​ indeed it​ happens. Now is​ the​ time to​ take care of​ yourself as​ best you​ can. if​ possible,​ remove yourself from the​ stressful environment. it​ may be that relatives are arguing,​ for example,​ and you​ can step away from this situation and find a​ more peaceful,​ nurturing environment. Take several slow,​ deep breaths,​ and perhaps even meditate or​ listen to​ a​ relaxation tape. Find distractions that are nurturing to​ you​ and healthy for you. you​ might for example,​ spend time with your pets,​ go for a​ long walk outdoors,​ take a​ soothing bath,​ or​ do something creative like paint,​ play music,​ or​ work in​ your garden. Gently bring your thoughts away from what you​ cannot control,​ to​ things you​ can control.

Is the​ stressful situation about things you​ can or​ need to​ do something about? Take a​ few,​ very deep breaths and try to​ relax your shoulders. Remind yourself you​ are a​ capable person and you​ can only do your best. When you​ are stressed about something you​ need to​ do,​ the​ best way to​ relieve stress is​ to​ take some action immediately. Often,​ the​ situation is​ very overwhelming,​ or​ you​ would not be feeling stressed. you​ may have doubts you​ can accomplish what you​ need to​ do. This is​ why it​ is​ important you​ remind yourself you​ can only do your best and that you​ will try. Procrastination is​ a​ common reaction,​ but that only increases stress and worry. Try to​ distract yourself from thoughts of​ negative possibilities. it​ helps to​ break the​ task down until you​ are only looking at​ the​ first little bit ahead of​ you. If,​ for example,​ doing your taxes is​ making you​ feel anxious,​ make your first task just to​ gather your materials together on​ the​ table or​ desk where you​ will be working. you​ will feel some relief as​ you​ begin. Then,​ you​ might just fill out the​ top part of​ the​ form. Take breaks as​ you​ need to,​ but keep returning to​ it​ when you​ find you​ are worrying. in​ this way you​ can break down any task into more manageable bites. Praise yourself and reassure yourself each step of​ the​ way and give yourself rewards for what you​ accomplish.

Everyone has situations they must deal with that are stressful. Find a​ healthy balance between dealing with what you​ must and giving yourself situations that make you​ feel good. Too much avoidance will increase your stress,​ but so will pushing yourself too hard,​ so switch between the​ two in​ a​ balance that is​ right for you,​ and always be kind to​ yourself. Try some of​ the​ above tips and advice and watch the​ calm come into your life.

Finding Calm When You Are Feeling Stress

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