Exclusive Luxury Resort In Thailand At Pran Buri

Exclusive Luxury Resort In Thailand At Pran Buri

If you are searching for an​ Exclusive Luxury Resort in​ Thailand that would be just right as​ a​ Honeymoon resort,​ or​ could be suitable as​ a​ family vacation resort,​ and you don’t want to​ be with masses of​ other people then you should take a​ close look at​ the​ area of​ Pran Buri close to​ Hua Hin,​ and particularly at​ the​ Aleenta Resort & Spa

The Aleenta is​ a​ small and intimate hotel with a​ variety of​ accommodation,​ from the​ Pool Suites which means a​ romantic bungalow by the​ sea with your own plunge pool,​ ideal for a​ romantic getaway or​ a​ honeymoon. There is​ the​ beachfront splendour of​ the​ Beach House,​ ideal for a​ party of​ four,​ or​ the​ Ocean Suites with indoor and outdoor living space. if​ you really want it​ special,​ then there is​ the​ Penthouse,​ totally romantic for honeymooners.

The Grand Villa with all the​ comforts of​ home,​ with the​ trappings of​ an​ exclusive luxury resort which is​ Aleena Resort & Spa.

For families there is​ the​ Frangipani Wing with a​ large inviting pool by the​ sea,​ and the​ beach is​ but a​ few steps away,​ so ideal as​ a​ family vacation resort. the​ New Frangipani Wing has its own infinity pool,​ with a​ poolside bar serving snacks day and night

The Aleenta Resort and Spa is​ a​ simple and unfussy place which whilst laid back well deserves its burgeoning reputation as​ one of​ Thailand’s leading luxury resorts. it​ is​ the​ small details which matter.

The wireless broadband connection throughout. the​ Aleenta Spa offering the​ full range of​ treatments to​ pamper and unwind you,​ and there is​ even an​ area set aside for Yoga,​ complete with instruction.

Thai and Fusion Cuisine are served in​ the​ restaurant which helps you to​ eat healthily with the​ right healthy lifestyle choices. Having said that,​ the​ breakfasts are just out of​ this world!!

There is​ a​ Sandwich Bar for all day snacks and a​ lounge and open air bar overlooking the​ sea.

To this you can add inevitably excellent room service,​ a​ library,​ a​ CD library,​ a​ Boutique,​ a​ Wedding Centre on​ the​ beach,​ a​ Business Centre,​ and extremely efficient Concierge service and security.

Whilst you might expect to​ find similar facilities at​ most luxury exclusive resorts,​ but some of​ the​ things that sets the​ Aleena Resort and Spa apart from others is​ the​ situation. Pran Buri has not yet been spoiled as​ have other areas of​ Thailand,​ so what you have to​ enjoy is​ a​ deserted beach,​ a​ no television policy,​ organic food with the​ vegetables from the​ hotel’s own garden.

The staff of​ the​ Aleena resort just smile all the​ time,​ and nothing is​ too much trouble.

Apart from the​ deserted beach Pranburi is​ very peaceful which will suit some but not others. if​ nightlife is​ a​ necessary part of​ your vacation,​ then this probably isn’t the​ place for you,​ but if​ you want to​ eat out then there are a​ couple of​ good restaurant shacks a​ ride away.

An important point is​ that the​ Aleenta resort and Spa is​ right on​ the​ beach,​ whereas the​ resorts in​ northern Pranburi have a​ small road in​ between,​ but you’ll not find that fact widely available on​ their websites.

Go to​ Pranburi soon before it​ becomes spoilt,​ and you must stay at​ the​ Aleenta Resort and Spa,​ one of​ Thailand’s best exclusive luxury resorts.

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