Exclusive Luxury Bedding

Exclusive Luxury Bedding

One of​ the​ pleasures of​ having your own space is​ the​ enjoyment of​ providing luxury bedding for your sleeping arrangements. Luxury bedding means different things to​ different people,​ but at​ the​ very least it​ means having something special to​ sleep on. it​ doesn’t even have to​ be expensive. Luxury bedding can simply be a​ texture,​ color or​ style you enjoy.

Some people consider the​ feel of​ silk sheets to​ be the​ ultimate in​ luxury. the​ natural fiber against the​ skin gives a​ sensation of​ elegance like no other. Silk sheets as​ a​ item of​ luxury bedding needs about the​ same level of​ care you provide your silk blouses and scarves. It’s definitely not something to​ throw in​ the​ regular cycle of​ the​ washing machine with hot water.

Silk sheet sets come in​ a​ variety of​ colors and weights and are often sold as​ part of​ complete bedding set including sheets,​ comforter,​ pillow cases,​ shams and perhaps even a​ dust ruffle. Other silk sheet sets are more tailored in​ appearance,​ relying on​ color and feel to​ set the​ tone of​ the​ luxury bedding.

Other people choose luxury bedding of​ Egyptian cotton in​ Italian designed linens. the​ heavy cotton sometimes relies on​ woven patterns in​ the​ fabric to​ add texture and richness. These may take the​ form of​ stripes of​ regular and satiny texture in​ a​ white on​ white pattern for example. the​ warmth and durability of​ the​ quality Egyptian cotton means you can have luxury that wears well and can stand laundering without special handling.

At a​ minimum luxury bedding will have a​ high thread count. Ordinary bedding will have a​ thread count of​ 180 to​ 200. Luxury bedding might have a​ thread count of​ over 1200. Obviously the​ higher the​ thread count,​ the​ more luxurious the​ look and feel of​ the​ sheets.

Luxury bedding for many people is​ satin sheets,​ They claim to​ sleep better because when turning or​ moving on​ these sheets,​ they don’t pull at​ the​ clothing and skin as​ some of​ the​ regular bedding does. the​ drawback to​ some satin sheets is​ that they require more care when laundering than do cotton bedding.

Part of​ the​ enjoyment of​ luxury bedding is​ the​ wide range of​ colors available now. You can find bedding sets in​ almost any color you can imagine from neon to​ white and with flowers,​ stripes or​ solid colors. Theme bedding is​ available if​ you want a​ bit of​ whimsy with your luxury.

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