Enjoying 3 Luxury Days In Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Experience the​ stunning natural beauty of​ the​ surrounding mountains and the​ vibrant beach culture of​ one of​ the​ most beautiful cities in​ the​ world: Rio de Janeiro,​ the​ gem of​ Brazil. Spend three days in​ five star luxury at​ the​ beachfront hotel while you visit the​ highlights that have made this one of​ the​ most visited destinations in​ South America. Below is​ a​ sample of​ just one of​ the​ ways to​ spend 3 days in​ paradise.

Day 1:
Arrive at​ the​ Copacabana Palace Hotel from the​ airport. After a​ brief rest,​ take a​ guided tour of​ the​ majestic Corcovado Mountain. From here you’ll travel by cograil through the​ Tijuca Rainforest,​ the​ world’s largest urban forest,​ and then to​ the​ summit where you’ll find the​ famous Christ the​ Redeemer Statue standing before the​ city at​ 125 feet. the​ views from here are spectacular,​ with a​ wide panorama of​ the​ ocean,​ lagoon,​ and the​ city. Then you’ll have a​ chance to​ relax on​ the​ Copacabana beach and enjoy one of​ the​ greatest getaways in​ the​ world,​ with the​ beaches lying between a​ tropical refuge and the​ vibrant international metropolis of​ Rio. Later than night enjoy a​ cocktail by the​ pool at​ the​ hotel.

Day 2:
Discover Sugar Loaf Mountain with a​ guided tour,​ beginning with a​ scenic drive along the​ Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. Here you can have the​ chance to​ stop off and enjoy relaxing on​ the​ beach and shopping at​ the​ Masquerade Village Shops. Enjoy the​ myriad of​ different boutiques,​ art galleries,​ and specialty stores. the​ beachfront has a​ lively carnival atmosphere with ongoing free masquerade shows,​ live entertainment and dancing,​ and many bars and restaurants to​ choose from. Then you’ll take a​ cable car ride for a​ tour of​ the​ gardens and vistas of​ Urca Mountain. You’ll continue the​ ascent to​ the​ peak of​ Sugar Loaf Mountain. at​ 1,​300 feet you can see the​ coastlines and the​ massive cliffs of​ Guanabara Bay.

Day 3:
The tour of​ the​ center of​ Rio begins at​ the​ monument in​ honor of​ Estacio de Sa who founded the​ city in​ 1565. From here you’ll have excellent views of​ the​ beaches and Sugar Loaf Mountain. Continuing on​ to​ the​ shores of​ Guanabara Bay you’ll visit the​ Modern Art Museum,​ Rio’s most important center for contemporary art,​ the​ Memorial of​ the​ Dead of​ the​ Second World War,​ and the​ beautiful Gloria Church,​ a​ Baroque-style building perched on​ a​ hill. Then you’ll head towards the​ Quinze de Novembro Square,​ the​ heart of​ Rio. Other highlights of​ the​ tour include the​ Praca Maua,​ Brazil’s first skyscraper,​ the​ Parisian-inspired Teatro Municipal Opera House,​ and the​ National Fine Arts Museum in​ Cinelandia Square. After the​ tour spend the​ rest of​ the​ day relaxing at​ the​ beautiful white sand beach right in​ front of​ your hotel.

Having enjoyed Rio,​ and the​ best of​ what it​ has to​ offer,​ you have the​ option to​ go onward to​ other highlights of​ Brazil: Igaussu Falls,​ the​ Amazon,​ Pantanal,​ or​ Salvador. Or,​ jump over to​ another country such as​ Argentina,​ Chile or​ Peru while you are in​ the​ part of​ the​ world.

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