Easy Money Not

Easy Money Not

Thought today would be just the​ same as​ every other morning but when I checked my Inbox I found out that I had won 2 international lotteries that I had no idea that I had ever entered and the​ family for some dead prince in​ Nigeria wants me to​ act as​ the​ next of​ kin and they will let me keep 10% of​ his net worth. With all this money coming in​ I am going to​ be living on​ easy street and never have to​ work again.

Anybody with an​ email address could become a​ victim in​ the​ ever growing outbreak of​ Identity theft,​ Nigerian scams,​ phishing scams,​ etc.... People fall for the​ scams because we​ are always looking for the​ pot of​ gold at​ the​ end of​ the​ rainbow. These scammers would make great salespeople because they realize that everything is​ a​ numbers game. I get so many emails from all these different banks asking me to​ click here and update my information. the​ scammers know that most of​ the​ recipients of​ these emails will never respond but if​ they send one that looks like its from CitiBank they know that anybody that actually has a​ CitiBank account will probably respond.

I've gotten email that have asked me to​ update my Ebay account,​ my Paypal account and my Chase Manhattan account. I know for a​ fact that I do not have an​ Ebay or​ a​ chase account. You would think that sites like Ebay,​ who have a​ 120 million registered users,​ would send an​ email to​ educate their registered users but Ebay says that they want no liability so they just let their users get scammed. Most of​ these people will only lose money while others will spend time in​ jail or​ have their credit damaged beyond repair.

If you check just your local news you should see many stories regarding the​ scams that are currently out there. if​ you are selling an​ item via Ebay or​ the​ classifieds and a​ buyer send you a​ check for over the​ payment price then chances are this is​ part of​ a​ scam,​ especially if​ they want you to​ wire the​ excess funds via Western Union. if​ you get an​ email about working from home collecting payments for a​ company and they say you can keep 10% then chances are you are involved in​ a​ processing scam. if​ you get an​ email about someone dying with no next of​ kin and they want you to​ act as​ the​ next of​ kin well do you remember the​ old saying "if it​ looks to​ be too good to​ be true then chances are it​ is".

Earthlink has came up with a​ web browser that will help you identify these phishing sites and I am sure that other companies have come up with something also. a​ lot of​ sites have cropped up in​ recent months that will help educate you on​ what's going on​ plus some of​ them will even offer assistance if​ you have become a​ victim. theres one called ScamSafe,​ another called Fraudaid,​ and my wife has one called idtheftnightmare . I cannot include the​ extensions because people then think I am promoting these sites which I am not.

Just keep in​ mind that there are no shortcuts in​ life. if​ you get a​ questionable email then please ask for the​ opinion of​ someone else so that you don't fall victim to​ a​ scam. also remember that most banks and credit card companies will not send your info via an​ email and if​ they want you to​ verify something chances are they will have you call them.

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