Easy Does It With Robotic Lawn Mower

Everything is​ automated nowadays. Seems like every manufacturer’s aim in​ innovating a​ product is​ to​ make it​ all faster and simpler. Washing and cleaning has been automated since long ago. Now here comes robotic lawn mower. You thought that mowing the​ lawns was a​ breeze after those industrial machines came out right? Well,​ those became obsolete with the​ entry of​ these intelligent robotic lawn mowers.

Imagine mowing the​ lawn right there under the​ cool shade of​ your front porch. All you need is​ to​ push the​ button on​ the​ remote,​ look at​ the​ robotic lawn mower,​ and make sure it​ is​ right where the​ grass is​ thick.

The robotic lawn mower effectively mows lawn of​ regular size,​ within its average run time of​ 1.5 hours. But it​ depends on​ the​ power of​ the​ mower,​ of​ course. the​ bigger it​ is,​ the​ longer the​ run time it​ will have. it​ is​ equipped with a​ rechargeable battery to​ power up the​ blades. the​ downside though is​ that the​ battery needed recharging for 24 hours. Well,​ that’s an​ entire day. if​ your lawn were so big,​ like an​ acre big,​ you’d have to​ purchase an​ extra battery for you to​ be able to​ mow the​ entire area in​ a​ day.

For the​ robotic lawn mower to​ be within the​ area,​ you would have to​ setup a​ perimeter wire. It’s a​ special kind of​ wire that comes with the​ robot mower. Some wires can be planted underground. This sounds to​ be a​ taxing job,​ but you can do it​ in​ less than an​ hour if​ you have a​ relatively small yard. the​ wires be detected by the​ robotic lawn mower and then would turn the​ other way. You wouldn’t want it​ straying away towards your neighbor’s lawn,​ would you? With this perimeter fence,​ you can protect your flowerbeds and garden. Run the​ wire around it​ and the​ robotic lawn mower would leave it​ alone.

Slopes up to​ 20 degrees should be tolerable for the​ robotic lawn mower. Protruding tree roots should not be a​ problem either. With its robotic blades,​ the​ lawn mower would run around the​ perimeter wires first and proceed to​ the​ middle area,​ moving in​ a​ V pattern. This means that the​ robotic lawn mower might cover a​ certain area multiple times while missing a​ certain part several times over. Looking on​ the​ bright side,​ you’re not the​ one getting tired anyway.

The cost of​ the​ robotic lawn mower doesn’t seem to​ be an​ issue. it​ actually costs less than those heavy-duty regular lawn mowers. Given that,​ if​ and when you feel that your old trusty lawn mower needs back up or​ even a​ replacement,​ trying the​ robotic lawn mower might be a​ good idea.

Robotic lawn mowers sure catch attention. Well,​ you can always ask your neighbor or​ pay a​ kid to​ trim your lawn,​ but one way or​ another,​ you would have to​ do it​ yourself sometimes. And with the​ robotic lawn mower just waiting for orders at​ your backyard,​ lawn mowing would be almost effortless.

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