Easter On The White House Lawn

Easter on​ the​ White House Lawn
An annual family event,​ kids go hunting for eggs hidden all over the​ White House Grounds .​
Then they get to​ race the​ colorful wooden eggs on​ the​ White House Lawn from one end of​ Pennsylvania Avenue to​ the​ other end .​
Rutherford B .​
Hayes first opened the​ grounds to​ local children in​ 1878 .​
Since then,​ all Presidents invite children to​ the​ egg rolling festivities each Easter .​
the​ Easter Bunny will also make an​ appearance,​ but is​ never allowed to​ be seen without his head .​
One of​ the​ White House Staff dresses up each year as​ the​ bunny .​
Ursula Meese,​ wife of​ President Reagan's Attorney General Edwin Meese,​ enjoyed the​ job for six years .​
She was known as​ the​ Meester Bunny.
Kids can also enjoy face painting,​ egg coloring,​ magicians,​ music,​ and reading corners .​
At each of​ th corners,​ storytelling is​ done by authors of​ popular children's books,​ Cabinet and Senior Administration members,​ and athletes .​

This year,​ the​ Easter festivities are April 9 from 8AM-2PM at​ the​ White House .​
Small allotments of​ tickets will be given out at​ 730AM on​ April 9 .​
the​ National Park Service will also be distributing free tickets .​
As long as​ you have a​ seven year old or​ younger with your group,​ you can get a​ maximum of​ five tickets .​
Tickets are first come,​ first served and can also be gotten from the​ Ellipse Visitor Pavilion at​ the​ Southwest corner of​ 15th and E Streets.
If you look carefully at​ some of​ the​ eggs,​ you will notice an​ egg from every state in​ the​ nation .​
This tradition started in​ 1994 .​
the​ American Egg Board handles all the​ eggs and gets them ready for the​ big day.
When the​ Easter Egg Roll has to​ be canceled due to​ inclement weather,​ it​ can be relocated to​ the​ National Zoo or​ the​ Capitol building .​
the​ longest they went without having a​ egg roll was during World War II .​
President Eisenhower brought back the​ tradition in​ 1953 and another generation was able to​ participate in​ the​ Easter tradition .​

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