Earn Money Through The School System

Earn Money Through The School System

Are you a​ college student who works with children? or​ are you an​ at-home mother looking to​ earn money part-time while your kids are at​ school? Are you retired? if​ the​ answers to​ any of​ these is​ ‘yes’,​ then you need to​ be informed of​ an​ easy way to​ earn money: taking odd jobs through your local school system. the​ types of​ school jobs you can earn money with include: working as​ a​ school monitor,​ working as​ a​ bus driver aide or​ working as​ a​ substitute teacher.

Working as​ a​ school monitor is​ one of​ the​ most fun ways to​ earn money through the​ school system. as​ a​ school monitor you are responsible for a​ variety of​ things including: making sure kids are not loitering in​ the​ hallways,​ keeping order in​ the​ lunchroom and tending to​ any injuries that might occur on​ the​ playground. Skill-wise you do not need anything,​ though your application will be looked at​ harder if​ you are certified in​ CPR and first aide. in​ terms of​ hours you would be working 10 to​ 15 hours a​ week. the​ rate at​ which you would earn money would be $8.70 an​ hour.

The next way to​ earn money through the​ school system is​ by getting hired as​ a​ bus driver aide. in​ order to​ get this job you will have to​ pass a​ physical exam. And though it​ is​ not required,​ it​ is​ also helpful if​ you have CPR and first aide experience,​ (just like with the​ school monitor position). Your job function would involve helping special needs children or​ toddlers onto or​ off the​ school bus. You can work in​ the​ morning or​ in​ the​ afternoon,​ depending on​ what is​ available through your local school’s bus system. in​ terms of​ pay,​ bus driver aides get $8.60 an​ hour. the​ exact number of​ hours a​ bus driver aide will work will depend on​ how long their particular bus route is.

The final way you can earn money through the​ school system with minimal experience is​ by becoming a​ substitute teacher. to​ earn money this way you will need at​ least a​ high school diploma and a​ substitute teacher certificate. it​ also helps if​ you have previous teaching or​ tutoring experience,​ though many times a​ substitute teacher may not actually teach new material. it​ is​ not impossible that as​ a​ substitute you just issue an​ assignment that the​ original teacher expects students to​ do independently. However,​ this is​ usually the​ case if​ you are substituting for just a​ day or​ so. if​ you have to​ substitute for longer periods of​ time,​ you will need to​ teach for real,​ which is​ why you do need a​ little bit of​ training. the​ only downside to​ using substitute teaching to​ earn money is​ that you don’t know for sure how much money you make in​ a​ year. Your daily salary might be over $100,​ but if​ you only get a​ substitute teaching job once a​ month,​ you will not earn much money. So,​ it​ is​ best to​ pursue this path if​ you are considering becoming a​ full-time teacher anyway,​ as​ the​ experience will help you in​ your career.

Earn Money Through The School System

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