Earn Money Playing Slot Machines Or Not

Earn Money Playing Slot Machines Or Not

Yay,​ what a​ life would that be - sitting behind the​ fancy slot machine,​ hitting buttons,​ sipping Bud Light and constantly cashing out big bucks,​ or​ coins. Sure,​ we​ know that casinos (even online casinos,​ yes) take their "edge" and earn hideous profits,​ but we​ don't think about it​ when we​ step into a​ local casino or​ log on​ to​ our favourite online casino.

There's always a​ constant battle between "us" (the players) and "them" (casino) and most of​ the​ time we're pretty equal,​ until the​ slot machine suddenly turns into a​ money-leeching demon and starts eating our cash. So,​ after losing again,​ you ended up reading this article that has a​ title which gives you some hope.

Not that I want to​ sound rude,​ but reconsider because you won't win your money back. Every bet you make equals giving your money away. Actually,​ there's only one way to​ gain a​ profit visiting a​ casino - that's when you sign up for a​ casino's club card and go visit the​ place once in​ a​ while. You won't play but always claim your "Club Member Bonus" free drink. After drinking it​ you should leave the​ place,​ but knowing you guys,​ that almost never happens.

For people who still believe that they can win with slot machines,​ I have listed some myths and rumors that aren't true. Believing in​ them brings you debts and misery.

Some people believe that a​ poorly paying slot machine is​ about to​ hit big,​ maybe even a​ jackpot,​ so it​ would be smart to​ keep on​ playing or​ even raise the​ bets::

Well,​ actually there's no difference if​ the​ machine has been paying poorly for a​ long time or​ not,​ because each spin is​ unique and totally random (IF,​ that is,​ you're playing at​ least Casino Control Commission or​ a​ GamblingRalf approved casino and the​ machine uses well-known software). There's different situations in​ land based casinos,​ because even if​ they claim that slot machines payout percentage is​ fixed and constant,​ it​ still happens sometimes. the​ payout percentage has been lowered to​ nonexistent and you can keep on​ playing and losing forever. There's also no such thing as​ "feeding the​ slot machine" (this equals losing your money in​ order to​ win it​ back later) or​ "milking it".

Talking on​ a​ cell phone when gambling drives high tech slot machines crazy and helps to​ win big...or not! Actually some cell phones damage digital slot machines (especially before GSM coverage,​ when NMT was a​ superhit),​ but I haven't heard any stories of​ players being able to​ cheat the​ casino with this trick and withdraw the​ money.

I know a​ few players who have had sudden $100,​000 on​ their bankroll and weren't paid,​ because the​ computer chip made a​ mistake (probably caused by cell phone). Every bet and win has to​ be proved by a​ slot machine's previous winnings history,​ which is​ saved and constantly checked.

::Temperature of​ the​ coins affect slot machines and payout rates. Hot coin means more money!::

Another twisted fairytale. if​ you're already so credulous,​ don't visit casinos at​ all - you will gamble your brains off like that and go home crying. Computer chips have a​ RNG chip (Random Number Generator) that isn't affected by anything,​ even not by the​ coin you have stored and heated up between your buns.

We could continue this list,​ but I'd rather not do it​ because it​ all comes down to​ one thing - in​ the​ long run there's no way you can beat the​ slot machine and steal its edge. if​ winning was easy,​ there would be no casinos. There's no simple "How to​ Beat Slot Machine" tactic,​ only some simple rules that should be followed to​ keep your losings as​ low as​ possible.

Earn Money Playing Slot Machines Or Not

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