Earn Money Online Non Stop By Generating Stampedes Of Traffic Using Only Free Methods Part 1

Earn Money Online Non Stop By Generating Stampedes Of Traffic Using
Only Free Methods Part 1

Let’s face it,​ you can set up the​ most beautiful site in​ the​ world by the​ most professional web designers and still make zero profit if​ you do not know how to​ promote your site. What you need is​ traffic! Without traffic,​ your site is​ like a​ mansion in​ the​ middle of​ the​ Sahara desert and nobody will ever visit you. You need tons and herds of​ traffic that will cause a​ stampede and trample your site in​ an​ unstoppable manner! Only then can you earn money online non-stop and blow your profits through the​ roof.

But what happens if​ you are starting your online business on​ a​ shoestring budget and still need traffic. Well,​ the​ good thing about the​ internet is​ that it​ can allow the​ “little guy” to​ earn money online along with the​ big boys even with a​ low starting budget. With a​ bit of​ effort,​ the​ little guy can succeed as​ much as​ the​ big boys do. the​ following are some of​ the​ free methods to​ generate massive traffic to​ your site and let you earn money online with absolutely no costs at​ all.

1. Article Writing and Submission
This is​ by far the​ most rewarding free method and has stood the​ test of​ time as​ a​ powerful traffic generation strategy. Using your expertise and knowledge to​ write compelling and informational articles and submitting them to​ online article directories will reward you with more benefits than you can imagine. Your articles will come with your own resource box where you are allowed to​ place your own description and website links in​ them and allow the​ reader to​ click through to​ your website. Readers who like the​ information in​ your articles are going to​ perceive you as​ an​ expert in​ the​ field and are already pre-sold thus gaining you immediate credibility. By the​ time they reach your site,​ you are an​ expert in​ their eyes and whatever you sell on​ your site will seem like a​ million dollars to​ them and you will earn money online effortlessly.

Another huge benefit of​ article writing and submission include the​ backlinks that lie in​ the​ resource box. Many article writers who have no search engine optimization knowledge (SEO) will perceive the​ resource box as​ only a​ gateway to​ their site. But article writers with SEO knowledge will understand that backlinks are actually an​ important aspect of​ ranking high in​ search engines to​ earn money online. the​ text used with the​ backlinks known as​ “anchor text” determine what keywords your website will actually rank high in. This brings us to​ the​ next free traffic generation technique.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Contrary to​ what many people say,​ search engine optimization (SEO) is​ not rocket science. With a​ little study and research,​ you will discover that the​ common techniques to​ rank high for the​ keywords you want are actually very simple. Here are some simple tips to​ get you going with SEO to​ earn money online the​ free way.

SEO starts off with on-page optimization. the​ page that you want to​ rank high for the​ specific keyword you want should ideally be centered on​ that keyword. What do you mean by centered on​ the​ keyword? it​ means the​ topic of​ your webpage should be focused on​ that keyword. Your page title,​ H1 H2 header tags,​ image tag,​ first and last paragraphs should have the​ keyword in​ it. the​ keyword density which is​ the​ number of​ times your keyword appears in​ the​ total number of​ words on​ the​ page should ideally be between 3-5% according to​ SEO experts. All these will contribute to​ your page ranking higher for the​ keyword you are gunning for and allow you to​ earn money online with ease. However,​ on-page optimization is​ not the​ only factor. Another major factor is​ off-page optimization.

Off-page optimization basically refers to​ off the​ page factors that can increase your ranking in​ the​ search engines. This is​ the​ part where a​ bit more effort is​ required to​ gain the​ traffic you desire. the​ most important off-page factor that affects the​ ranking of​ your webpage is​ the​ number of​ backlinks and the​ focus of​ the​ pages that are linking to​ your page. the​ pages that link to​ your page should ideally have the​ same focus as​ your page and thus are highly relevant to​ the​ content of​ your page. the​ anchor text used to​ link to​ your page should also consist of​ your keyword and the​ more of​ such backlinks you have the​ higher your page will rank in​ the​ search engines. Combining good on-page and off-page optimization is​ a​ deadly strategy for getting floods of​ free traffic that will let you earn money online non-stop.

The above two techniques serve as​ a​ starting point to​ generate hordes of​ free traffic and let you earn money online successfully. So take action now and bring your site out of​ the​ desert and let the​ world see its beauty. Be sure to​ read part 2 of​ the​ article to​ find out more powerful free traffic generation methods.

Earn Money Online Non Stop By Generating Stampedes Of Traffic Using
Only Free Methods Part 1

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