Dui Lawyers Approve

Dui Lawyers Approve

DUI Lawyers agree that Drinking and Driving is​ not a​ premeditated crime. Most people do not think,​ "tonight I am going to​ drink and drive." People simply make that decision after having consumed alcohol. Dui Law should be considered in​ the​ unfortunate event that you get pulled over by law enforcement.

Most people think that if​ they get pulled over for DUI,​ and are below the​ legal limit,​ that the​ officer will let them go or​ they will only be fined and not charged. the​ truth is​ that if​ a​ law enforcement officer observes alcohol,​ smells alcohol,​ or​ hears the​ evidence of​ alcohol,​ they will start an​ investigation of​ you. at​ this point,​ the​ smartest thing you can do,​ is​ to​ know your rights. the​ fact is​ that you can be arrested,​ charged,​ and convicted,​ even if​ you are below the​ legal states blood alcohol limit (bac)*.

Educating yourself about your rights is​ the​ responsible thing to​ do. the​ message that alcohol manufacturers promote is...“Drink Responsibly”,​ “know your limit” and so on. So,​ if​ you are being responsible and keeping within the​ limits,​ then it​ is​ all the​ more reason to​ educate yourself. Current trends in​ politics allow special interest groups,​ such as​ M.A.D.D to​ manipulate lawmakers to​ lower blood alcohol limits. This ongoing trend puts even the​ most casual drinker at​ risk.

A few years ago .10 was considered drunk and .08 was impaired. NOW .08 is​ drunk so what is​ impaired? By lowering the​ BAC limit from .10 to​ .08 tens of​ thousands of​ people are criminalized instantly,​ and further drains the​ resources of​ law enforcement,​ creates more over crowding of​ jails and court rooms. Further this system equates to​ more tax payer dollars being spent on​ DUI enforcement and prosecution. So the​ question is​ will the​ .02 difference save more lives or​ create more statistics for special interest groups to​ justify themselves on​ capitol hill? You decide.

A video was created to​ educate the​ casual drinker,​ not to​ condone drinking and driving or​ provide "get out of​ jail" information to​ those habitual drinkers who consistently make the​ bad decision to​ drive after they know they are over the​ legal limit. the​ only thing that can help such people is​ to​ help them make better decisions. the​ video DOES NOT enable or​ empower people to​ drink and drive and not get caught. the​ facts are that a​ DRUNK can only do one thing well at​ a​ time.

If you are one of​ the​ many thousands of​ habitual drinkers who drink and drive and say,​ “It will never happen to​ me” or,​ You think you are too smart to​ get caught,​ then you are fooling yourself,​ it​ is​ only a​ matter of​ time until you get caught by the​ police or​ hurt or​ kill yourself or​ someone else.

"Drink Smarter,​ Not Harder"

* BAC and the​ effect of​ alcohol can be different for different people based on​ age,​ weight,​ sex,​ food consumption,​ rest,​ and general metabolism of​ an​ individual.

Dui Lawyers Approve

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