Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Targeted Marketing

So you​ got your website up and running. you​ hired an​ excellent web designer to​ craft a​ perfect home page and satellite pages that will really draw in​ the​ visitors and inspire them to​ buy. you​ have a​ beautiful catalog of​ products with detailed descriptions. you​ have a​ section dedicated to​ the​ services you​ provide with praises from past customers. And you​ have the​ best online shopping cart service out there so that you​ customers can buy from you​ with no hassles and next day shipping. That's great! Now where are your customers?

Driving traffic to​ your website is​ a​ much discussed and much misunderstood venture. There are a​ million theories out there that claim to​ drive tons of​ new visitors to​ your site daily. There are services that say they will increase your traffic by an​ enormous percentage if​ you​ will only pay them their small fee over a​ period of​ fifty years. There are so-called experts who will place your pages on​ all the​ best search engines on​ the​ net. They claim that with this kind of​ blanket exposure,​ your traffic numbers will explode within days.

But the​ only sure-fire way to​ draw productive traffic to​ your website is​ through targeted marketing. the​ important word to​ notice here is​ "productive." you​ can draw hundreds of​ thousands of​ visitors to​ your site every year by hosting a​ giveaway of​ some kind. Services that search the​ internet for freebies will have people clicking a​ link to​ your site like crazy. But these people are not there to​ buy anything from you​ ... quite the​ opposite. They are empty clicks. There is​ nothing productive about this kind of​ traffic. People looking for free stuff will rarely make you​ any kind of​ money. And that's what you're after,​ right?

So target your marketing to​ the​ people who really want to​ buy what you​ have to​ offer. How? Start by trying these basic steps...

* Hire an​ experienced copywriter. the​ copy that is​ on​ your site makes a​ world of​ difference in​ the​ sales you​ garner from the​ internet. Most important to​ targeted marketing are the​ keywords found in​ your title and the​ metatags in​ the​ website's code. an​ experienced copywriter will know how to​ determine the​ most effective keywords and place them strategically in​ your site's copy. if​ you​ cannot afford a​ copywriter,​ do some research and talk to​ your web designer about inserting metatags.

* you​ can enroll in​ pay per click search engines. Obviously,​ is​ one of​ these,​ but most of​ the​ most popular keywords are already taken. if​ you​ can think of​ some original phrases that people use to​ search for your products or​ services,​ you​ can post your ad next to​ the​ text that comes up when people search for that phrase. Every time someone clicks on​ your ad to​ go to​ your site,​ you​ pay a​ nominal fee.

* Submit articles to​ free ezine sites. This is​ especially helpful if​ you​ are a​ service provider. you​ can write,​ or​ hire someone to​ write,​ an​ article for you​ about your area of​ expertise. Give some free tips,​ offer your experience,​ and be accessible in​ the​ text. Then at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ article,​ you​ get a​ link to​ your website advertising your services. Every time someone publishes your article in​ their ezine,​ newsletter or​ article directory they must use your web address at​ the​ bottom.

These are just a​ few of​ the​ many ways to​ ensure you​ get "productive" traffic. Empty clicks are just that ... empty... and your wallet will stay that way,​ too!

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