Dont Worry About Your Mortgage Increases

Don't Worry About Your Mortgage Increases!
Don't worry about the​ threat of​ increasing interest rates! Don't worry that you​ will not be able to​ afford to​ keep your house! There are several innovative ways to​ earn a​ little income from your property .​
Some retired folk have turned their garage into a​ workshop and they make wooden furniture for summer selling .​
Others use their large yard to​ stack wood that has been cut and split in​ the​ summer for sale in​ the​ winter.
Another idea is​ to​ rent one of​ your rooms to​ a​ student for a​ few months while you​ adjust to​ a​ new financial situation .​
Yet another money-making idea is​ to​ borrow an​ age old European tradition and offer bed and breakfast in​ your home .​
This need not mean cooking up a​ large breakfast and getting it​ to​ the​ table all in​ one piece! Often there is​ no cooking involved at​ all,​ and there is​ almost no initial outlay either .​
This can be a​ lucrative business if​ you​ live on​ a​ main road,​ or​ can hang a​ sign that can be seen that states,​ 'Bed and Breakfast' .​
There are other venues for marketing your new business,​ but often pamphlets take up to​ a​ year to​ register your listing .​
Do you​ have a​ Tourist Information in​ your area - they give out information about bed and breakfast accommodation,​ often for free.
Years ago it​ used to​ be intrusive on​ your personal life to​ run a​ Bed and Breakfast .​
It was also hard work! However,​ hotels have shown us the​ way to​ simplify matters: a​ coffee machine in​ the​ bedrooms is​ a​ must .​
This can also be used to​ make tea or​ other hot drinks,​ just provide a​ few different sachets along with the​ milk and sugar.
Take the​ money in​ advance,​ when they first arrive and after they have seen the​ room.This will help your client too,​ as​ often they may be touring and will want to​ be off as​ early and as​ quickly as​ possible in​ the​ morning .​
While you​ are settling the​ account,​ you​ can ask them what time they would like their breakfast left outside their bedroom door in​ the​ morning.
If you​ do all of​ this at​ the​ same time,​ you​ will have completed the​ majority of​ your business interactions with them in​ about ten minutes .​
Quite high wages for such a​ short period of​ time!
As you​ will never know when you​ may have a​ client knocking at​ the​ door,​ it​ is​ advisable to​ keep your breakfasts in​ the​ freezer .​
This way,​ however late your guests arrive,​ you​ will have time to​ defrost their food overnight .​
Some of​ the​ frozen breads that you​ can defrost overnight and bake fresh in​ the​ morning are great! Also fresh baked and frozen muffins and croissants can be defrosted and warmed for a​ few minutes .​
If you​ are warming buns or​ muffins,​ do not use the​ microwave,​ as​ the​ crusts will turn soggy .​
Pre-heat a​ traditional oven and pop them in​ for a​ few minutes .​
(Or use a​ small toaster oven if​ you​ can be sure not to​ burn them!)
Place all your goodies on​ a​ tray covered in​ a​ nice linen cloth,​ or​ in​ a​ decorative basket,​ and add knives,​ cheeses and jam or​ marmalade .​
(Single serving sachets of​ these can be bought in​ most supermarkets.)
Bottles of​ juice are a​ nice touch and even a​ piece of​ fruit for the​ journey .​
Cover the​ food with a​ second cloth,​ add a​ couple of​ serviettes,​ and your 'morning rush' is​ over!
Most guests leave early,​ the​ norm is​ to​ vacate the​ room by 11.a.m .​
This gives you​ all day to​ change the​ linen and re-store the​ room for the​ next caller.

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