Do You Want Free Money

Do You Want Free Money

It probably did not take you more than a​ second to​ answer that question—YES! we​ all want free money,​ don’t we? But how can we​ get free money?

Well,​ if​ you are looking for free money to​ use for college and university tuition and fees,​ you are more likely to​ find it​ than those of​ us who are just looking for free money. Check out websites and programs such as​ FAFSA and to​ find free grant money. You can also check out websites and programs such as​,​,​ and that offer free money in​ the​ form of​ scholarships. the​ great thing about these options is​ that you are almost guaranteed to​ get some amount,​ even if​ it​ is​ not as​ high as​ you would like,​ of​ free money to​ use towards your college or​ university tuition and fees. All you have to​ do is​ fill out an​ application,​ maybe write an​ essay or​ two,​ and wait.

Now,​ for the​ rest of​ us,​ free money likely does not exist. There are programs,​ however,​ that claim to​ give you free opportunities to​ make money such as​ reading emails or​ advertisements,​ taking surveys,​ downloading a​ certain tool bar onto your browser,​ etc. For websites and programs like that check out,​,​ and However,​ some websites like these require that you pay a​ registration or​ startup fee (low,​ albeit,​ but still,​ that is​ not free,​ is​ it?) or​ fill out all kinds of​ applications such as​ for credit cards which can lead to​ unwanted credit cards,​ spam in​ your email,​ junk in​ your snail mail,​ and all kinds of​ other inconveniences.

So,​ for those of​ us not trying to​ find free money to​ use for college and university tuition and fees,​ finding free money is​ going to​ be a​ little more difficult.

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