Divorce And Lawyers

Divorce And Lawyers

Do I need a​ lawyer?

Check out the​ following circumstances to​ make sure whether you need to​ have a​ lawyer or​ not.

• You and your spouse have been wed for at​ least 5 years
• You and your spouse have kids.
• Either you or​ your spouse is​ the​ breadwinner while the​ other may have difficulty getting on​ his/her own two feet financially speaking,​ once the​ divorce is​ finalized.
• You or​ your spouse has come upon inheritance while married to​ one another.
• Either you or​ your spouse is​ in​ debt.

Where can I get a​ divorce lawyer?

There are a​ many ways to​ get a​ divorce lawyer. Also try asking your marriage counselor or​ therapist for a​ referral. of​ course you may ask your relatives or​ friends as​ well. Other lawyers can recommend those attorneys which specialize in​ divorce also.

It is​ also possible if​ you may even go straight to​ the​ courthouse to​ check out if​ a​ particular divorce lawyer strikes your fancy. No matter where you look,​ may it​ be in​ the​ yellow pages or​ in​ directories on-line,​ you should assess their credentials.

Meeting a​ lawyer for consultation

After finding a​ promising lawyer,​ the​ next step would be to​ meet him/her for consultation. if​ he/she is​ hard to​ reach then this may be a​ sign that you may have a​ hard time getting in​ contact with him/her once you hire him/her as​ your divorce lawyer. Find out how much he/she may charge for consultation. What exactly is​ his/her specialization? It’s important that he/she specializes in​ divorce,​ for you to​ have the​ best representation. You wouldn’t want a​ gynecologist dealing with your heart disease would you? of​ course you’d seek the​ help of​ a​ cardiologist and with legal matters it​ goes the​ same. Seek the​ help of​ a​ divorce attorney for divorce concerns.

What you ought to​ know after consultation with a​ divorce lawyer

The first time you meet with a​ divorce lawyer may be one of​ the​ few times that you are the​ one who gets to​ do most of​ the​ asking. Make the​ most of​ it. Find out everything you need to​ know in​ order to​ make the​ right choice of​ attorney. After speaking with a​ lawyer,​ make sure you’ve discussed the​ following matters:

• Length of​ practice
• Case specialization
• Divorce trial experience
• Experience in​ negotiation for settlements
• Familiarity with divorce mediators
• Custody dispute experience
• Familiarity with tax issues of​ divorce
• Familiarity with your particular situation/context
• Projected period of​ time for your case
• Projected outcome for your case
• Schedule and methods of​ contacting him/her
• Fee (Including specifics,​ like if​ travel time is​ included)
• Manner of​ billing

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