Did You Know You Re Bleeding Money Because Of The Darn Phone

Did You Know You Re Bleeding Money Because Of The Darn Phone

You're in​ the​ midst of​ work then ...

Aw... man.

Or you're finishing a​ 97% complete report then ....

Okay. Familiar? I can imagine your blood pressure rising when that happens. What is​ an​ interruption? an​ interruption is​ anything that seizes your attention from an​ activity you have chosen to​ do to​ for an​ activity that someone else has purposely or​ inadvertently chosen for you. Interruptions are normally random and without any consideration for the​ importance of,​ or​ impact on,​ your time and your personal priorities. Interruptions chew up time and energy. They cost you loads of​ money if​ you consder wasted man hours.

There are two primary causes of​ interruptions you face daily at​ home or​ at​ the​ office: telephones and people dropping by. the​ telephone rings,​ and you automatically pause what you are doing to​ answer it. the​ doorbell rings,​ and the​ same thing happens regardless of​ the​ importance of​ the​ task at​ hand. Someone is​ forcing you to​ switch gears instantly even though it​ is​ not your choice. "I'm not interrupting,​ am I?" is​ the​ typical remark. "Of course not,​" you answer politely without an​ ounce of​ integrity. Whether people interrupt you in​ person or​ on​ the​ telephone,​ they always seem to​ have something on​ their minds that just can't wait.

The time wasted because of​ an​ interruption extends beyond than the​ time span of​ the​ actual interruption. For instance,​ you are focusing on​ writing a​ report,​ business plan,​ or​ important letter when your concentration is​ shattered by the​ ringing of​ your phone. Not only do you lose the​ time you actually talk on​ the​ phone,​ but it​ will normally take you several additional minutes to​ regain your focus and get back up to​ speed with what you were working on. Switching gears takes time.

The good ole phone has become the​ primarysource of​ interruptions. Fact us,​ it​ is​ an​ electronic tool designed to​ interrupt. For some reason you and I were ledt to​ believe that when the​ telephone beckons,​ all else must be dropped in​ a​ race to​ answer it​ before it​ stops bleating. That habit is​ like having someone follow you around yelling "Freeze" twenty times a​ day and expecting you to​ stop in​ your tracks for three to​ ten minutes each time. the​ danger is​ that old phone habits unnecessarily eat up hours of​ your valuable time - time that cannot be replaced. Your level of​ effectiveness in​ life is​ determined both by the​ number of​ hours you have available to​ work on​ specific objectives and by how effectively you use those hours. the​ more time that wasted,​ the​ less efficient you become.

Heeding the​ phone just because it​ rings means bequeating your time and attention to​ someone else at​ but a​ moment's notice. Obviously,​ winning your goals and dreams becomes far more difficult when you are constantly working someone else's agenda and at​ someone else's pace. the​ fact that a​ ringing telephone is​ given highest priority shows how illogical people have become about the​ use of​ Graham Bell's little toy.

Did You Know You Re Bleeding Money Because Of The Darn Phone

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