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This Desire-Force is​ a​ primitive,​ elemental thing. it​ is​ found in​ the​ animal kingdom,​ and among the​ lower races of​ men,​ perhaps more clearly than among the​ higher types of​ men,​ but only because in​ such instances it​ is​ seen stripped of​ the​ covering,​ sheaths,​ disguises and masks that surround the​ more civilized forms and planes of​ life.

But remember this well,​ the​ same principle is​ manifested under and beneath the​ polished veneer of​ civilized life -- the​ Desire-Force of​ the​ cultured leader of​ men is​ as​ elemental as​ that animating the​ fierce and shaggy caveman or​ the​ wild Berserker who,​ naked and half-mad,​ rushed upon overwhelming hordes of​ his enemy,​ brushing them aside like flies -- that is,​ if​ you will but look beneath the​ polished surface. in​ the​ old wild days Desire manifested its force on​ the​ physical plane -- now it​ manifests on​ the​ Mental Plane -- that is​ the​ only difference,​ the​ Force is​ the​ same in​ both cases.

While we​ write,​ there has just been produced on​ stage a​ new play that illustrates this principle. the​ heroine,​ the​ daughter of​ an​ old New York family of​ high social standing and wealth,​ has a​ dream of​ her life in​ a​ former incarnation,​ in​ which she sees herself torn from the​ arms of​ her cave-dweller father by the​ mighty arms of​ a​ fierce savage chief,​ whose desire is​ manifested through the​ physical. She awakens from her dream,​ and to​ her horror soon discovers the​ face of​ her dream-captor on​ a​ man who comes into her father's life in​ New York.

This man comes from the​ West,​ forceful,​ resourceful and desirous,​ beating down all before him in​ the​ game of​ finance. as​ of​ old,​ he places his foot not on​ the​ neck of​ his enemies -- but on​ the​ mental-plane,​ this time,​ instead of​ the​ physical. the​ same old Desire for power is​ strong within him -- the​ same old masterfulness manifests itself. This man says: ``I have never quit; I have never been afraid.''

The same old Desire then flamed up in​ the​ savage now manifests in​ the​ Master of​ Wall Street,​ and between the​ force of​ its Attraction and the​ coupled and allied force of​ his Will,​ he repeats the​ performances of​ his previous incarnation -- but on​ the​ plane of​ mental forces and achievement this time -- mind,​ not muscle,​ being the​ instrument through which the​ Desire manifests.

We give the​ above example merely as​ an​ illustration of​ the​ fact that Desire is​ the​ motivating force that moves the​ Will into action,​ and which cause the​ varied activity of​ life,​ men and things.

Desire-Force is​ a​ real power in​ life,​ and influences not only tracts,​ but influences and compels other persons and things to​ swing in​ toward the​ center of​ the​ Desire sending forth the​ currents. in​ the​ Secret of​ Success,​ Desire plays a​ prominent part. Without a​ Desire for Success,​ there is​ no Success,​ none. the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ set into motion by Desire.

The majority of​ the​ principles advanced in​ this book have been in​ the​ nature of​ Positive injunctions -- that is,​ you have been urged to​ do certain things rather than to​ not do the​ opposite or​ contrary. But here we​ come to​ a​ place in​ which the​ advice must be given along the​ negative lines -- we​ must urge you not to​ do a​ certain thing. we​ allude to​ that great poison of​ the​ mind and Will known as​ Fear.

We do not allude to​ physical fear -- important though physical courage may be,​ and as​ regrettable as​ physical cowardice may be considered,​ still it​ is​ not a​ part of​ the​ purpose of​ this book to​ preach against the​ latter and advise a​ cultivation of​ the​ former quality -- you will find much of​ that elsewhere.

Our purpose here is​ to​ combat that subtle,​ insidious enemy of​ true Self-Expression which appears in​ the​ shape and guise of​ mental fear,​ forebodings which may be considered as​ Negative Thought just as​ the​ other principles mentioned in​ this work may be considered as​ Positive Thought.

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