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You can do little by yourself in​ Life,​ be you ever so strong and able. Life is​ a​ complex thing,​ and individuals are interdependent upon each other for the​ doings of​ things.
One Individual,​ segregated from all the​ other Individuals,​ could accomplish little or​ nothing along the​ lines of​ outer activity.

He must form combinations,​ arrangements,​ harmonies and agreements with others,​ and in​ accordance with environments and things,​ that is,​ he must create and use the​ proper environments and things,​ and draw to​ himself others with whom he must form combinations,​ in​ order to​ do things.

And these persons,​ things and environments come to​ him -- and he to​ them -- by reason of​ this great Law of​ Attraction.

And the​ way he sets into operation this great Law of​ Attraction is​ by the​ operation of​ his Desire,​ and along the​ lines of​ Mental Imagery. Do you see the​ connection now? So be careful to​ form,​ cultivate and manifest the​ right Desires --hold to​ them firmly,​ strongly and constantly,​ and you will set into operation this great Law,​ which forms an​ important part of​ the​ Secret of​ Success.

Desire-Force is​ the​ motive power leading the​ activities of​ Life. it​ is​ the​ basic vital power,​ which animates the​ minds of​ living things and urges them forth to​ action.

Without strong Desire no one accomplishes anything worthy of​ the​ name -- and the​ greater the​ desire the​ greater will be the​ amount of​ energy generated and manifested,​ everything else being equal.

That is​ to​ say,​ that given a​ dozen men of​ equal intellect,​ physical health and mental activity -- equal in​ everything else except Desire,​ in​ short,​ the​ ones in​ whom the​ greatest Desire resides and is​ manifested will outstrip the​ others in​ attainment -- and of​ these winners the​ one in​ who Desire burns like an​ unquenchable flame will be the​ one who will Master the​ others by the​ force of​ his primitive elementary power.

Not only does Desire give to​ the​ man that inward motive which leads to​ the​ enfoldment of​ the​ power within himself,​ but it​ does more than this; it​ causes to​ radiate from him the​ finer and more subtle mental and vital forces of​ his nature,​ which,​ flowing forth in​ all directions like the​ magnetic waves from the​ magnet,​ or​ the​ electric waves from the​ dynamo,​ influencing all who come within the​ field of​ force. Desire-Force is​ a​ real,​ active,​ effective force of​ Nature,​ and serves to​ attract,​ draw and bring to​ a​ center that which is​ in​ line with the​ nature of​ the​ Desire.

The much talked of​ Law of​ Attraction,​ of​ which so much is​ heard in​ Mental Science and the​ New Thought,​ depends largely upon the​ force and power of​ Desire. Desire- Force is​ at​ the​ center of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction. There is​ a​ tendency in​ Nature to​ attract and draw to​ the​ center of​ a​ Desire the​ things which are needed to​ fulfill that Desire. One's ``own will come to​ him'' by reason of​ his natural force,​ which lies behind and underneath the​ entire phenomena of​ Mental Influence.

This being so,​ does it​ not become at​ once apparent why one who wishes to​ accomplish anything should be sure to​ create a​ strong Desire for it,​ and at​ the​ same time be sure to​ acquire the​ art of​ Visualization so as​ to​ form a​ clear Mental Picture of​ the​ thing Desired -- a​ clear mold in​ which the​ materialized reality may manifest? Have you ever come in​ contact with any of​ the​ great men of​ modern business life?

If you have seen these people in​ action,​ you will have become conscious of​ a​ subtle,​ mysterious something about them -- a​ something that you could actually feel -- a​ something that seemed to​ draw you to​ fit in​ to​ their schemes,​ plans,​ and desires almost by an​ irresistible force. These people are all people of​ the​ strongest kind of​ Desire -- their Desire-Force manifests strongly and affects those with whom they come in​ contact.

Not only this,​ but their Desire-Force flows from them in​ great waves,​ which occultists inform us soon manifests a​ circular,​ or​ whirlpool- like motion,​ swung round and around the​ center of​ the​ Desire -- these men become actual cyclones of​ Desire into which nearly everything that comes within its sweep is​ affected and swept into the​ vortex. Have we​ not evidences of​ this in​ the​ cases of​ all the​ great leaders of​ men -- can we​ not see the​ operation of​ that mighty law of​ attraction which brings to​ them their own?

We are apt to​ call this Will- Power,​ and so it​ is​ in​ a​ way,​ back and under the​ Will in​ such cases is​ to​ be found the​ ardent,​ burning Desire that is​ the​ motive force of​ the​ attractive power.

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