Define Lincoln Luxury Challenge Given By Lincoln And Magic Johnson To Aspiring Filmmakers

Define Lincoln Luxury Challenge Given By Lincoln And Magic Johnson To
Aspiring Filmmakers

Calling all of​ the​ best and the​ brightest aspiring filmmakers. the​ Ford Motor Company’s luxury brand,​ Lincoln,​ and the​ NBA legend,​ Earvin “Magic” Johnson” are calling you. All you need to​ do is​ “Define Lincoln Luxury” and you will be winning a​ 2006 Lincoln Zephyr.

This challenge is​ in​ part of​ Lincoln’s presenting the​ American Black Film Festival (ABFF) for the​ seventh year in​ a​ row. the​ American Black Film Festival is​ held annually. it​ serves as​ a​ channel for film aficionados to​ show off their stuff,​ gather together,​ and be amazed at​ the​ various pieces of​ creativity. Oftentimes,​ this festival is​ held for five days. There are premieres,​ networking,​ panel discussions,​ workshops,​ and competitive film showcase.

Lincoln is​ sponsoring this year’s American Black Film Festival. as​ part of​ that,​ the​ brand is​ introducing its “Define Lincoln Luxury” contest. Aside from the​ 2006 Lincoln Zephyr,​ the​ prize also includes a​ whopping $10,​000 prize money.

Tom Grill,​ the​ brand manager for Lincoln,​ states,​ “We are proud of​ our long history with the​ American Black Film Festival and Film Life which reinforces our support of​ the​ independent filmmaking community as​ it​ reaches higher to​ bring its unique voice to​ a​ wider audience. ABFF provides an​ outstanding platform to​ showcase the​ many innovative and original perspectives of​ the​ Black experience.”

Since 2003,​ Lincoln and Earvin “Magic” Johnson have both been working together as​ partners. They have collaborated in​ various activities in​ events. There have been television commercials,​ charity events,​ and other sports appearances. the​ most recent is​ the​ world debut of​ the​ brand new 2007 Lincoln Navigator and Navigator L at​ the​ Chicago Auto Show. And at​ present,​ they are going to​ embark on​ the​ “Define Lincoln Luxury” competition together. Again.

To win the​ prize,​ aspiring filmmakers must have created an​ original commercial that articulates their own interpretation of​ Lincoln luxury. This commercial should be around 30 seconds to​ a​ minute long. And of​ course,​ there must be a​ feature of​ at​ least one shot of​ a​ Lincoln vehicle.

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Define Lincoln Luxury Challenge Given By Lincoln And Magic Johnson To
Aspiring Filmmakers

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