Defeat Your Evil Mother In Law With Generic Viagra

Defeat Your Evil MotherinLaw,​ with Generic Viagra
Things sure were different last Thanksgiving! That was before I ​ finally broke down and​ ordered some Generic Viagra,​ determined to​ satisfy my nymphomaniac wife,​ whod caused quite a​ scene at ​ the​ family Thanksgiving gathering,​ which was at ​ our home,​ as​ usual. ​
Shed broken into hysterics when she pulled out the​ turkey baster to​ baste the​ freaking turkey with. ​
I ​ guess she was jealous of​ the​ stupid turkey,​ getting that nice,​ juicy baste of​ juice. ​
She remembered how I ​ used to​ baste her,​ and​ also remembered how Id refused to​ order Generic Viagra. ​
And believe it​ or​ not,​ she let her mother and​ every other member of​ the​ extended family hear all about it,​ right over Thanksgiving dinner. ​
I,​ for one,​ was scandalized. ​
The rest of​ the​ family just chuckled at ​ my expense. ​
I ​ was crestfallen. ​
After this humiliation,​ I ​ knew my proud cockofthewalk would retreat into its coop and​ never show its head again,​ unless I ​ ordered some Generic Viagra. ​
And I ​ did exactly that,​ that very night,​ with the​ vow to​ bang my wife into hysteria over the​ coming year,​ so that next year,​ when I ​ saw my beloved Motherinlawasaurus Rex,​ Id be able to​ cause a​ scene of​ a​ different sort. ​
I ​ placed my order for my Generic ​viagra​ on​ the​ Internet,​ as​ soon as​ the​ last football game was over,​ and​ in​ just a​ couple of​ days,​ it​ arrived. ​
When my wife got home from her silly holiday mall grazing,​ I ​ burned her little barn down. ​
She was finally satisfied,​ and​ slept like a​ baby. ​
I ​ doubt she rang up her mom to​ tell her of​ my triumphbut then,​ I ​ wouldnt put anything past those two. ​
I ​ wonder why they didnt marry each other. ​
I ​ guess thats illegal in​ most states.
After our Generic ​viagra​ year,​ my wife had a​ lot to​ be thankful for. ​
of​ course,​ I ​ hadnt exactly suffered either; it​ had felt good to​ get my rocks off. ​
To take a​ load off,​ as​ the​ saying goes. ​
I ​ was relaxed,​ looseygoosey; and​ my wife had mellowed out quite a​ bit too. ​
Like most women,​ she was never really happy unless she was getting pounded hard,​ and​ every which way. ​
Thats the​ way she liked it,​ and​ since Id ordered Generic Viagra,​ thats the​ way shed been getting it. ​
And so,​ the​ world kept turning,​ and​ finally,​ the​ next Thanksgiving arrived. ​
Once again,​ her entire obnoxious,​ ignorant family pulled into my driveway and​ stank up my bathrooms. ​
Her mother came to​ the​ door with a​ fake,​ saccharine smile; it​ was all I ​ could do to​ play the​ gentleman and​ kiss her on​ both cheeks without retching all over her tacky dress and​ fake pearls. ​
I ​ wanted to​ give her some Generic ​viagra​ and​ tell her to​ please have her husband turn that frown of​ hers upside down for the​ first time in​ twenty years. ​
Well,​ I ​ controlled myself. ​
I ​ was plotting something to​ really blow her mind. ​
I ​ wanted to​ go on​ a​ tirade.
I wanted my precious motherinlaw to​ understand that,​ with the​ help of​ Generic Viagra,​ I ​ was the​ undisputed man of​ the​ house,​ and​ that I ​ was making her little girl feel like a​ woman every other night at ​ least!. ​
Id been plotting my revenge all year,​ and​ Id concocted a​ brilliant,​ extremely dramatic plan. ​
it​ involved the​ turkey baster. ​
I ​ was going to​ get freaky in​ front of​ the​ entire extended family. ​
They didnt have to​ know about the​ Generic ​viagra​ inspiration for my harangueonly that I ​ was wearing the​ pants around here,​ and​ that theyd better not laugh at ​ my supposed impotence if ​ they wanted to​ be guests in​ my home. ​
Id throw them all out on​ their assesif I ​ never saw any of​ them again,​ it​ would be too soon! To be continued!

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