Create A Wealthy Mentality Start Talking About Money

Create a​ Wealthy Mentality,​ Start Talking About Money
One of​ the​ things I​ first noticed as​ my husband and I​ moved from the​ financial cellar to​ financial stability and,​ eventually,​ wealth was how the​ conversations in​ our lives changed .​
I​ don’t mean the​ conversations between us,​ but the​ conversations we​ had with friends,​ colleagues and total strangers .​
a​ new topic developed that we​ had never chatted about with our family .​
That topic was money.
When Brad and I​ were in​ debt and living in​ a​ 4 room mobile home,​ the​ subject of​ money never came up at​ parties,​ work get-togethers or​ family events .​
It was taboo to​ talk about legal tender unless you were discussing a​ decrease in​ income or​ how Uncle Sam managed to​ cut you out of​ more cash .​
However,​ as​ our financial situation became stronger and we​ started investing our savings account,​ a​ whole new world opened up to​ us .​
We noticed we​ were having more and more conversations about money with everyone that wasn’t our family and friends .​
It was the​ weirdest thing.
One particular conversation stands out from the​ rest .​
I​ was in​ the​ break room at​ work finishing off a​ bagel and cup of​ coffee when a​ co-worker of​ mine popped in​ and sat down next to​ me .​
He was a​ gentleman of​ 52-years of​ age .​
After exchanging pleasantries he hit me with a​ bombshell .​
I’m going to​ retire next month .​
I​ responded with a​ blank stare and a,​ You’re WHAT? He repeated his reply and then he said he had noticed how I​ never ate lunch in​ the​ cafeteria and that I​ always brought my own coffee in​ a​ thermos to​ work .​
He asked me what my retirement plans were .​
I​ was 31 at​ the​ time.
I laughed and said that I​ figured it​ would take Brad and I​ another 30 years or​ so before we​ could retire .​
He then looked me straight in​ the​ eye and said,​ You can do it​ faster than that,​ if​ you want to​ .​
He then outlined for me a​ 15 year plan that he and his wife had used to​ get them to​ a​ financially secure spot to​ leave the​ work force for good .​
I​ was stunned .​
No one had ever talked to​ me about money like that .​
What I​ came to​ realize was this,​ wealthy people talk about money,​ but the​ middle class and others do not unless it​ is​ the​ negative view of​ money.
What does this mean for you? Simply this .​
Start acting like the​ wealthy and initiate conversations about money with people who can help you .​
When was the​ last time you had a​ discussion about money with that rich Uncle of​ yours that didn’t relate to​ a​ loan? Start asking people who have money advice on​ how to​ handle it​ and work with it .​
Don’t get personal about their finances or​ ask for details,​ but talk to​ them about what their advice would be .​
If you’re like me,​ my family rarely had a​ savings account so the​ first time I​ had $5,​000 in​ an​ account,​ I​ panicked because I​ knew I​ HAD to​ do something with it,​ but I​ had no idea WHAT to​ do with it .​
As far as​ I​ was concerned having a​ strategy for investing money was like shooting a​ rocket to​ the​ moon .​
I​ didn’t know the​ first thing about it!
Initiate conversations with financial professionals,​ talk with wealthy family members,​ if​ no one in​ your family is​ wealthy then set up an​ appointment with the​ wealthy person in​ your town .​
The one everyone knows and ask them what their advice would be to​ someone who is​ just starting out .​
I​ did this very thing when I​ was 32 .​
I​ called up a​ gentleman who was worth 25 million dollars and asked for a​ 30 minute appointment and I​ offered to​ pay him his consultant rate .​
He was charging $400 an​ hour.
The best way to​ obtain a​ wealthy mentality is​ to​ start forming strategies and goals for what to​ do with the​ money that you are saving .​
If you have no idea about what to​ do with money,​ like me,​ then chat with folks who obviously invest and discuss strategies with them.

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