Court Reporters And The Equipments They Use In The Court Of Law

Court Reporters are a​ fascinating bunch. I always wonder how they stay under control despite all the​ things that happen around them in​ the​ court of​ law. as​ the​ parades of​ witnesses come and go,​ you can see them pound away or​ talk into the​ equipments that help them do their jobs.

It is​ obvious very few people pay attention or​ understand the​ equipments that help court reporters perform their jobs so efficiently. in​ this article,​ I examine these equipments.

The court reporter uses two primary equipments in​ the​ performance of​ his or​ her job. They are the​ Stenograph and the​ Silencer.

I will start out by talking about the​ stenograph.

The stenograph also known as​ stenotype is​ a​ specialized typewriter used by court reporters to​ do their jobs. it​ is​ designed to​ allow for shorthand typing. the​ keyboard is​ compact like that of​ a​ piano. the​ symbols on​ the​ keyboard are phrases or​ words. They are translated or​ transcribed in​ real-time to​ computers.

A good court reporter using a​ stenotype can type up to​ 300 words per minute. it​ is​ this speed that allows the​ court reporter to​ capture all the​ things said in​ the​ court of​ law.

The number one manufacturer of​ the​ stenotype machine is​ the​ Stenograph Corporation. the​ corporate headquarter is​ at​ Mount Prospect,​ Illinois. They manufacture manual or​ automated machines. Some of​ them are even wireless.

The second and last court reporter equipment I will cover is​ the​ Silencer. the​ silencer is​ a​ hand held mask that contains a​ microphone. the​ reporter uses this silencer for voice writing.

Using the​ voice-writing method,​ a​ court reporter speaks directly into the​ silencer. as​ the​ reporter repeats the​ testimony into the​ recorder,​ the​ mask on​ the​ silencer prevents the​ reporter from being heard during testimony. the​ silencer records everything that is​ said by judges,​ witnesses,​ attorneys,​ and other parties in​ the​ court. the​ silencer can even capture gestures and emotional reactions.

A leading manufacturer of​ silencers is​ the​ AudioScribe Corporation. They are located in​ Breaux Bridge,​ LA.

There you have it. if​ you were ever wondering about court reporters and their equipment,​ you don’t have to​ wonder any more.

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