Costa Rica Property Choose The Right Location And Double Your Money Quickly

Costa Rica Property Choose The Right Location And Double Your Money

Costa Rica Property - Choose the​ Right Location and Double Your Money Quickly!
It doesn’t matter if​ you're buying property in​ Costa Rica,​ or​ anywhere else for that matter,​ you need to​ choose the​ right location to​ maximize your capital growth.
Here we​ will look at​ buying Costa Rican property as​ an​ example - but the​ same guidelines apply for any property you wish to​ buy.
Follow these simple tips,​ and you could make a​ killing in​ the​ Costa Rican property market - or​ in​ any other investment area.
1 .​
Look for a​ Market with a​ Track Record
When you buying property,​ don’t buy in​ a​ market people say is​ going to​ take off - look for one that’s already begu​n to​ move.
There’s a​ lot of​ hype with new property markets,​ but many simply don’t take off – make sure you don’t fall for the​ hype,​ and end up losing when the​ anticipated take off doesn’t occur.
Costa Rican property has risen by an​ average of​ 300% over the​ last 10 years and many - investors are doubling,​ or​ tripling their money in​ just a​ few years.
2 .​
Look for a​ Market that’s Still Cheap - and has Long Term Potential
While you want a​ market that’s established,​ you still want cheap property,​ with long-term growth potential - and that’s exactly what you get when you buy property in​ Costa Rica.
With prices up to​ 70% less than similar property in​ the​ southern United States,​ and with Americans looking at​ Costa Rican property in​ ever increasing numbers,​ you know you’re getting affordable property with great growth potential.
The trend for second homes is​ booming,​ and Americans (and other foreign nationals) are buying and will continue to​ buy.
With Costa Rica property available that’s just a​ few hours flight time form the​ US mainland,​ along with its competitive price and great lifestyle,​ the​ Costa Rican real estate market,​ will enjoy a​ growth market for years to​ come.
3 .​
Find the​ Right Location before the​ Herd Start to​ Buy
The way to​ get above average gains is​ all about location .​
Don’t look at​ properties where prices have already risen - look at​ areas near new developments.
As a​ property market develops,​ the​ infrastructure changes to​ service the​ new influx of​ buyers - and Costa Rica real estate is​ no different from anywhere else .​
For example,​ there are currently three infrastructure developments you can buy near - and when they’re completed,​ the​ value of​ your property will soar in​ value as​ the​ uninformed herd arrive after the​ event.
Here are three examples happening right now in​ Costa Rica:
a​ new freeway is​ under construction to​ link the​ pacific coast to​ inland towns.
The largest marina in​ the​ country is​ being built and due to​ be completed.
a​ new international airport is​ under construction.
It’s obvious that if​ you buy Costa Rican property in​ nearby locations,​ in​ order to​ take advantage of​ these projects when they’re completed - your property value will increase.
4 .​
Beware of​ the​ Law and Regulations!
If you’re buying property in​ any location,​ you need to​ know the​ law,​ and your rights - and whether they’re likely to​ change in​ future .​
If you buy Costa Rica property,​ you’ll have the​ comfort of​ knowing that:
You have the​ same rights as​ the​ Costa Ricans themselves - and you’re not at​ a​ disadvantage in​ any way.
Costa Rica has an​ active policy of​ encouraging foreign buyers - and red tape is​ kept to​ a​ minimum.
Costa Rica has a​ stable democracy that’s well established.
There are significant tax advantages to​ buying land and property in​ Costa Rica
Fact is,​ many of​ the​ so-called property boom investment markets,​ don’t have a​ track record of​ stability - or​ of​ being foreign investment friendly.
When you buy Costa Rica property,​ you know that you can invest easily and with government support - and have the​ same rights as​ native residents .​
How many countries offer you this comfort?
When you buy Costa Rica property,​ you’re buying into a​ growing investment market that can give you fantastic long-term gains .​
You’ll also be investing in​ a​ stable and beautiful country – making an​ investment in​ Costa Rica property well worth considering.

Costa Rica Property Choose The Right Location And Double Your Money

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