Consistency In The Law The Death Penalty

Consistency In The Law The Death Penalty

The United States constitution was designed to​ provide equal protection under the​ law. However,​ from some of​ the​ recent stories which have been publicized,​ it​ is​ apparent that the​ law lacks consistency. Consistency in​ the​ law would ultimately mean that for every particular crime of​ which one is​ convicted; they should receive the​ same punishment.

Our society has witnessed this inconsistency with capital punishment. Questions arise as​ to​ why certain people receive the​ death penalty and others just walk away with life in​ prison. So why the​ discrepancy in​ this course of​ action; it​ is​ because before anyone is​ sent to​ death the​ governor of​ each respective state would have to​ sign that he agrees to​ have the​ death penalty carried on. it​ must not be surprising that some governors do not believe in​ this type of​ punishment,​ inmates will,​ however,​ end up sitting on​ death row till they die. This can be a​ very long and daunting experience for the​ inmates whose fate is​ rarely unknown.

I challenge the​ Justice system by asking,​” is​ this social justice under the​ law?” Does it​ mean that depending on​ where one commits a​ crime you get a​ better chance of​ not being sent to​ death? if​ so,​ will it​ elucidate why certain states have reported higher rates of​ crime? it​ is​ imperative for the​ courts to​ come to​ a​ consensus as​ to​ what will bring consistency within the​ judicial system. as​ the​ adage goes,​ what is​ good for the​ goose is​ good for the​ gander; therefore what a​ convicted felon gets in​ Texas for murder should be the​ same in​ New York. the​ sovereignty of​ state courts in​ declaring certain statutes unconstitutional has been a​ major factor why each state can not have similar laws.

It may be time for the​ United States Supreme Court to​ take a​ firm stance as​ to​ whether the​ country should follow other industrial nations in​ abolishing the​ death penalty or​ not. Even though their action may not bring contentment to​ each citizen,​ it​ will give to​ the​ law what it​ is​ lacking; consistency. There are a​ million reasons advocates of​ the​ death penalty will argue as​ to​ why it​ should not be abolished and in​ countering there are an​ equal number of​ reasons why it​ should be abolished. This text,​ however,​ is​ not debating about the​ controversy surrounding capital punishment. the​ law was designed to​ provide equal protection; therefore that is​ what the​ judicial system should try to​ uphold.

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