Cocco Ligator Skin Makes Italian Luxury Handbags Affordable

Cocco Ligator Skin Makes Italian Luxury Handbags Affordable

Cocco-Ligator Skin Makes Italian Luxury Handbags Affordable
Every fashionista knows that Italian luxury handbags are synonymous with quality and style .​
Unfortunately,​ not every woman can afford fashion accessories made from exotic skins like python,​ crocodile,​ and ostrich .​
Thanks to​ a​ new manufacturing process,​ however,​ handcrafted purses,​ clutches,​ fashion handbags,​ and tote bags are considerably more affordable .​
The Cocco-Ligator Process
The secret is​ cocco-ligator skin .​
If you've never heard of​ this innovative skin,​ you soon will,​ as​ it's taking the​ fashion world by storm .​
The ligator process involves taking the​ natural fibers of​ the​ alligator's and crocodile's second layer of​ skin,​ and then subjecting it​ to​ heat .​
After that,​ the​ skin is​ varnished to​ a​ high gloss and glued on​ to​ high-quality leather .​
From there,​ the​ leather is​ used by artisans to​ create Italian luxury handbags.
Different Patterns and Colors
Whether you're shopping for wholesale handbags for your retail store,​ or​ are looking for an​ accessory for your personal use,​ it's important to​ know that there are two different patterns used in​ cocco-ligator bags .​
The regular cocco-ligator pattern utilizes both the​ belly pattern,​ which is​ large and irregular,​ and the​ flanks,​ which are smaller and rounder .​
The hornback pattern is​ like that of​ the​ back of​ an​ alligator,​ which is​ a​ bit more rough and wild .​
Cocco-ligator is​ about more than just patterns,​ however .​
It's also about color .​
All Italian luxury handbags are timeless,​ but the​ color palette changes with the​ seasons .​
These fashion accessories are available in​ myriad colors,​ including black,​ mahogany,​ cream,​ gold,​ Bordeaux,​ white,​ honey,​ red,​ blue,​ gray,​ and dark green .​
Style is​ Key
When you're shopping for purses,​ texture and color are just two elements to​ consider .​
The third,​ of​ course,​ is​ design .​
To achieve a​ truly put-together look,​ women need a​ handbag for every occasion .​
Fashion handbags,​ for example,​ are the​ perfect accessories for casual or​ daytime outfits,​ while classically styled purses are the​ bag of​ choice for women who want to​ convey elegance and sophistication .​
Clutches are a​ must-have to​ accessorize eveningwear and special occasions,​ while tote bags and organizers are crucial for women in​ the​ business world .​
A Wonderful Alternative
There are many reasons why cocco-ligator is​ a​ great alternative to​ the​ exotic skins used in​ many Italian luxury handbags,​ but the​ two primary reasons are conservation and cost .​
Thanks to​ the​ unique ligator process,​ much more of​ the​ reptile is​ used,​ enabling us to​ enjoy fashion accessories while minimizing the​ impact on​ the​ species .​
In addition,​ the​ price of​ a​ cocco-ligator bag is​ a​ fraction of​ what we​ would spend on​ a​ crocodile purse .​
When shopping for cocco-ligator handbags,​ make sure to​ buy from a​ company that prides itself on​ generations of​ tradition in​ handcrafting Italian luxury handbags .​
When you do,​ you'll not only own a​ gorgeous purse,​ but you'll also own an​ exquisite piece of​ art.

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