Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Affects

A nationwide Settlement has been proposed in​ a​ class action alleging that Allstate violated Federal Civil Rights laws in​ connection with its use of​ credit report information to​ price personal lines insurance policies. Allstate denies it​ did anything wrong and the​ Court made no determination that Allstate did anything wrong.

Before any Settlement benefits are provided,​ a​ Hearing will be held by the​ United States District Court for the​ Western District of​ Texas on​ December 18,​ 2006 to​ decide whether or​ not to​ approve the​ Settlement. More information on​ the​ Settlement can be obtained by calling (866) 817-6514,​ going to​ the​ Web site at​,​ or​ writing to​ DeHoyos Settlement,​ P.O. Box 9000 #6428,​ Merrick,​ NY 11566-9000.

The Settlement Class affects people that meet several criteria:

• Black/African American or​ of​ Hispanic or​ Latino origin; who are

• Currently or​ formerly insured under an​ Allstate homeowners,​ automobile,​ condominium or​ renters insurance policy,​ and were charged more than the​ lowest premium based on​ their credit information; or

• Applied for an​ insurance policy from one Allstate insurer but were issued a​ policy by another Allstate insurer based on​ their credit information;

• Received a​ notice with their insurance policy that 1) Allstate used credit information in​ determining the​ outcome of​ their rates and/or policy; 2) explained that they did not qualify for lower rates or​ a​ specific policy based on​ their credit information; 3) advised them of​ their rights under the​ Fair Credit Reporting Act.

If the​ Settlement is​ approved,​ Allstate will: 1) implement a​ new insurance scoring formula; 2) provide information to​ Class Members who complete request forms explaining how to​ obtain a​ policy that is​ priced using this new insurance scoring formula; 3) make this new insurance formula publicly available; 4) make a​ credit education program available designed to​ benefit Class Members; 5) implement an​ "appeals" program for customers to​ appeal insurance scores in​ extraordinary circumstances; 6) increase the​ percentage of​ its multicultural national media spend; 7) make one-time monetary payments to​ eligible Class Members who complete request forms.

Class Members have the​ right to​ object to​ the​ Settlement.

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