Child Protection Laws

Child Protection Laws

Todays Child Protection Laws
Child abuse that includes sexual,​ emotion or​ physical exploitation of​ the​ child is​ considered to​ be an​ offense .​
It is​ a​ crime to​ mistreat children .​
Teachers in​ schools hit children with rulers or​ cane sticks if​ homework .​
These teachers think that this is​ the​ right way to​ instill some discipline in​ children .​
But this way of​ thinking is​ completed wrong .​
Children who are punished frequently loose their confidence and are unable to​ achieve anything in​ their life.
Hence to​ stop all these offenses towards children child protection laws have been enforced .​
When a​ child abuse is​ reported and neglected by certain persons then these people are liable for severe punishment .​
a​ child who is​ abused or​ neglected must be given protection .​
Not taking any cognizance or​ action even if​ a​ case of​ child abuse is​ reported then legal action will be taken against the​ concerned authority.
If it​ is​ a​ case of​ sexual then medical examination should be done .​
Child protection laws have prescribed some duties to​ law enforcement agencies .​
The law enforcement agencies should sincerely perform their duties in​ order to​ safeguard child protection laws .​
The social service department should take steps to​ prevent any kind of​ child abuse .​
Welfare of​ children should be given first priority .​
Overall development of​ children is​ the​ main purpose behind implementing child protection laws .​
Instilling a​ confidence among children and nurturing their talent is​ the​ main aim behind implementing child protection laws.
The child will be a​ responsible citizen if​ family life is​ preserved .​
If a​ child is​ abused then the​ steps should be taken to​ solve the​ case immediately .​
Child protection laws also state that a​ legal counsel should be appointed if​ necessary .​
Provision of​ civil and criminal immunity to​ certain people .​
In certain cases of​ child abuse confidentiality of​ records is​ a​ must and should not be leaked.
The concerned authority should take the​ necessary steps to​ keep the​ matter confidential .​
The child protection laws have prescribed penalties against those who abuse children .​
The penalties vary according to​ the​ form of​ abuse.
Child protection laws are strictly implemented in​ developed countries like United States .​
Hence cases of​ child abuse are less in​ such countries .​
Whereas these laws are not seriously implemented in​ developing countries .​
It is​ the​ responsibility of​ every responsibility of​ every individual that the​ child protection laws are followed strictly.
Child protection laws are applicable to​ every child and do not differ from one country to​ another.
Child protection laws are also made for the​ upliftment of​ underprivileged children .​
Under privileged children are forced to​ work at​ an​ early age .​
These children are deprived of​ education and other basic amenities .​
As per the​ children protection laws children who are less than 14 years cannot work in​ any company or​ shops.
These children also cannot be hired for domestic work .​
People who hire children that are less than 14 years are eligible for punishment .​
Child protection laws if​ implemented properly will not only be beneficial for the​ child but also for the​ entire country.

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