Cheap Poker Chips Getting The Most For Your Money

So you have decided that you want to​ buy a​ new set of​ poker chips but you don’t have a​ lot of​ money to​ spend,​ what you really need are cheap poker chips. There are two types of​ cheap poker chips – cheap in​ quality and cheap in​ price. Let’s talk about what the​ difference is,​ because you really can get a​ decent quality poker chip for not a​ lot of​ money,​ if​ you are careful with your purchase.

If you can go into your local drugstore or​ discount store and buy poker chips,​ they are probably cheap poker chips,​ and not in​ the​ good way. So what do these cheap-o poker chips look like? They usually come in​ three colors: red,​ blue and black. They come in​ sets of​ 200 or​ 250 for only a​ dollar or​ two. the​ problem with these is​ that they are flimsy,​ and you won’t get any respect from your friends when you do play. Why don’t you want cheap quality poker chips? Because they don’t play well,​ they don’t sound real,​ and they don’t the​ feel good either. Why aren’t they going to​ play well? When you throw them down,​ they aren’t going to​ have the​ same Las Vegas sound; they aren’t going to​ clink and clank. They won’t remind you of​ your last gambling vacation. They’ll do the​ job,​ but it​ won’t be the​ same amount of​ fun.

What you might want to​ do is​ think about spending a​ bit more money,​ and get a​ better quality (but still cheap) set. You want something that you can be proud to​ take with you to​ the​ next poker game. Something you won’t have to​ be embarrassed about when it​ is​ your turn to​ host the​ next poker night at​ your house. So how do I buy cheap poker chips that aren’t cheap poker chips? Well,​ the​ answer is​ simple really: do a​ little research first. And then take the​ plunge and buy a​ set.

Now,​ I won’t lie,​ there are certain types of​ poker chips that aren’t cheap. For example,​ you probably won’t find clay poker chips that are cheap. However,​ there are some resin poker chips or​ some composite poker chips that may be in​ your budget.

One thing to​ look for in​ your new cheap poker chips is​ weight. How heavy do you want them to​ be? Something between nine and thirteen grams is​ about average for a​ poker chip. Don’t skimp out on​ weight.

Another thing to​ consider is​ how many colors you want. Don’t just initially buy two or​ three colors of​ poker chips to​ represent the​ denominations of​ your bet,​ because if​ you end up expanding the​ number of​ players you play with,​ or​ changing the​ minimum bet,​ you’ll end up paying twice for shipping and handling. This will increase the​ price of​ the​ cheap poker chips,​ and make them not so inexpensive.

The third thing you want to​ consider is​ how many you want? the​ more you buy,​ the​ cheaper it’s going to​ be,​ so why not just start off with a​ set of​ 500 right away,​ instead of​ buying a​ bit at​ a​ time? Again,​ if​ you can buy what you want the​ first time around,​ you will save money on​ shipping and handling.

You can definitely buy cheap poker chips that look and play great,​ if​ you try. You will have to​ research to​ find a​ style that suits you. if​ you follow this guide,​ and resist buying the​ cheap poker chips that I’ve warned you about,​ you no longer have to​ go to​ your game night in​ shame.

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