Casino Money

Casino Money

Casino Money
The casino cashier is​ located in​ the​ cage .​
Each casino only has one cage .​
They have rows like a​ bank would .​
You can also set up a​ credit line here if​ needed.
If you need change and you are nowhere near the​ cage,​ there are change booths usually scattered throughout the​ casino .​
They don't handle chips,​ and are usually in​ the​ machine areas.
There are attendants on​ the​ casino floor that can also help you with change .​
Roaming change attendants are usually seen pushing a​ cart .​
Slot attendants are in​ the​ middle of​ a​ carousel of​ machines .​
They have the​ buckets for holding all your coins .​
Ask either of​ these which machine would be the​ best to​ play because they are there every day and might know which ones are loose.
Casinos do have a​ color coding scheme for their chips .​
the​ $1 chips will vary .​
$5 chips are red .​
$25 chips are green .​
$100 chips are black .​
$500 chips are purple .​
$1000 chips are yellow .​
the​ important thing to​ remember is​ that while most casinos follow the​ same color scheme,​ they do not accept each other's chips .​

Slot machines will also take US denominations of​ bills to​ play .​
Nickel and quarter machines will also take US coins to​ play .​
You can only get change at​ the​ cages and booths .​
the​ attendants will refuse to​ do it.
A secret that most people don't know is​ you can can place cash on​ the​ table if​ it​ is​ just for one or​ two quick bets .​
For example,​ at​ a​ $2 Blackjack table,​ you can place two dollar on​ the​ table for the​ minimum bet on​ each hand .​
You can't do it​ for long,​ but you should be able to​ play two or​ three hands .​
So if​ you are on​ your way out the​ door,​ you can still make a​ last minute bet.

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