Car Lemon Laws You Dont Have To Live With A Sour Deal

Car Lemon Laws You Dont Have To Live With A Sour Deal

United States car lemon laws were enacted to​ protect consumers against buying defective,​ unrepairable vehicles. the​ major automobile manufacturers mass-produce their products,​ and generally the​ quality control is​ very good. However,​ when you connect more than a​ few parts together,​ you have a​ chance for a​ lemon.

What is​ a​ lemon car? a​ lemon or​ lemon car is​ an​ automobile that has a​ defect that cannot be repaired by the​ consumer after a​ reasonable number of​ attempts. Alternately,​ if​ the​ car has been in​ a​ repair garage for 30 calendar days or​ more for repairs on​ the​ same defect,​ it​ may also be classified as​ a​ lemon car. the​ term can also apply to​ a​ vehicle in​ which the​ defect negatively affects the​ value and safety of​ the​ vehicle. Car lemon laws vary by state,​ so you should consult your own state laws to​ determine the​ exact definition that applies to​ you.

Why is​ a​ terminally defective car called a​ lemon? One can only speculate why the​ name of​ a​ tart yellow citrus fruit came to​ be associated with defective cars. Lemons are very sour in​ taste,​ and traditionally sour tastes have been associated with bad luck. if​ something negative happens to​ a​ person,​ he or​ she might say,​ "It left a​ sour taste in​ my mouth." a​ salesperson whose big deal falls through might say,​ "The deal went sour." it​ seems plausible that the​ sour taste of​ the​ lemon,​ with its negative connotations,​ was used to​ coin the​ phrase "lemon car" to​ describe a​ car purchase gone sour.

Why were lemon laws needed to​ protect car consumers? Look at​ the​ general definitions of​ lemon cars shown above. Some quick math will show that a​ lemon car can be an​ extreme financial hardship. the​ last time you picked up your car from the​ repair garage,​ were you happy with the​ bill,​ or​ were you dreading it? a​ car with four to​ six (or more) attempted repairs,​ with all the​ parts and labor charges,​ can easily add up to​ thousands of​ dollars. if​ your car is​ stuck in​ a​ repair garage for 30 days or​ more,​ with the​ mechanics billing hour after hour of​ labor,​ the​ bill might approach the​ price of​ the​ car itself!

If your car meets your state's lemon car criteria,​ you have the​ right to​ seek a​ refund or​ replacement from the​ car manufacturer (not the​ dealer from which you bought it). You are probably entitled to​ be reimbursed for related costs such as​ towing,​ rental cars,​ and maybe even long distance calls to​ the​ manufacturer. Be absolutely sure to​ keep all bills and invoices related to​ your attempts to​ get your car repaired.

If you decide to​ proceed with a​ lemon law claim against the​ manufacturer,​ it​ is​ beneficial to​ consult with a​ lawyer that specializes in​ lemon law cases. a​ lawyer can help make the​ stressful process go more smoothly. No doubt are already stressed enough over your lemon car.

Some states have passed lemon laws to​ protect consumers against defective purchases of​ boats and even pets. Regardless of​ the​ origin of​ the​ term,​ lemon laws are here to​ protect you. the​ car manufacturers can hire teams of​ expensive lawyers,​ and they know you can't. Car lemon laws help to​ level the​ playing field in​ your favor.

If the​ guys at​ the​ car repair shop know you by your first name,​ you should consider the​ lemon law tips below.

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