Cannes Luxury Hotels

Cannes Luxury Hotels

There are no doubt a​ number of​ renowned Cannes luxury hotels in​ the​ Cote D'Azur-we have stayed at​ one such luxury hotel just outside Cannes.

My wife and I flew from Birmingham Airport in​ England to​ Nice Airport in​ the​ South of​ France in​ early June to​ celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary at​ a​ luxury hotel called Le Mas Candille about 10 km north of​ Cannes in​ a​ beautiful village called Mougin which has numerous artists shops/galleries and restaurants-a lovely old place to​ just meander around.

Le Mas Candille is​ indeed one of​ Cannes luxury hotels.

We drove up to​ the​ entrance gate of​ the​ hotel in​ the​ heat of​ the​ afternoon in​ a​ rented Peugeot 206 Cabriolette to​ be met by the​ gate attendant who let us through to​ drive down the​ tree lined long driveway arriving at​ the​ front of​ the​ hotel where we​ were greeted outside by two members of​ staff who took our luggage and parked our car. After a​ speedy check in​ we​ were shown to​ our bedroom in​ the​ original part of​ the​ building which was exquisitely furnished with a​ luxurious bathroom. French doors from the​ bedroom opened onto our own private terrace where breakfast can be taken if​ you so desire.

Le Mas Candille has 39 bedrooms -some located in​ a​ seperate modern building. it​ is​ set in​ several acres of​ well tended grounds with 2 outdoor swimming pools surrounded by sun loungers and hammocks. There are outdoor jacuzzis and a​ small outdoor gym with the​ most breathtaking views while you work out. the​ hotel has its own spa which offers all the​ usual treatments-my wife commented that the​ massage was the​ best she had ever received.

There are several quality restaurants at​ some of​ Cannes luxury hotels but the​ main restaurant at​ Le Mas Candille is​ a​ gastronomic michelin starred restaurant of​ the​ highest standard-service is​ impeccable and the​ food a​ delight. Dinner on​ our wedding anniversary was an​ evening to​ be remembered. There is​ a​ more informal restaurant by one of​ the​ swimming pools which again is​ superb-we usually ate breakfast here beneath the​ morning sun.

Le Mas Candille is​ an​ exclusive spa hotel which is​ without doubt one of​ Cannes luxury hotels.


Cannes Luxury Hotels

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