Bringing More Money Into Your Life A Short Review

Bringing More Money Into Your Life A Short Review

Money,​ financial success,​ prosperity,​ abundance,​ all terms describing an​ area of​ life that is​ almost an​ obsession in​ modern society. it​ can also be of​ great concern to​ those pursuing self development,​ self actualization or​ various paths of​ self help. This article is​ to​ briefly touch on​ a​ few key points concerning this area of​ self development and hopefully give some direction to​ those wishing to​ pursue this further.

First of​ all,​ one of​ the​ characteristics of​ money relevant to​ today’s article,​ is​ that money is​ a​ multiplier. in​ other words,​ whatever your current overall condition of​ being is,​ if​ you suddenly have more money that condition will be amplified. if​ you are generally happy and handling your life in​ a​ positive manner,​ more money will help you in​ that direction. if​ you are unhappy,​ neurotic or​ otherwise dysfunctional,​ more money will also help you in​ that direction. This is​ why there are happy,​ well adjusted “poor” people and also the​ cliché of​ the​ miserable rich person. Which person is​ really “rich’ or​ “poor”? as​ the​ popular music group the​ Beatles sang “Can’t Buy Me Love”…. This shows us that the​ environment we​ create from what is​ inside us is​ a​ more powerful creator of​ our condition of​ reality than money!

Many of​ us are concerned about the​ lack of​ money. What can we​ say about this popular topic? Those who are working on​ dealing with this issue may want to​ check as​ to​ whether they have ever asked to​ specifically improve their financial condition. Who or​ what to​ ask are beyond the​ scope of​ this article,​ but the​ point needs to​ be noted.

Another area regarding the​ lack of​ money can be described as​ “abundance blockers”. it​ is​ not uncommon for a​ person to​ be double minded about money issues. While they consciously profess a​ desire to​ improve their financial condition,​ a​ part of​ the​ person,​ usually subconsciously,​ works against that desire. Financial success may be associated with such negatives as​ excessive work,​ less family time,​ more responsibility,​ shallowness,​ lack of​ spirituality,​ or​ hurting the​ people around you. Attitudes expressed by family members about finances,​ that you may not even agree with,​ may be unconsciously influencing your behavior with little awareness on​ your part. Various techniques to​ identify and remove such blockages can be sought out by the​ individual wishing to​ advance in​ this area or​ others. Some individuals can identify a​ life cycle that they have repeated multiple times. a​ typical cycle involves an​ individual advancing financially or​ other ways and then suddenly falling back to​ prior levels due to​ unconscious blockages or​ scripts they are acting out.

Another aspect of​ this subject to​ be aware of​ is​ the​ idea of​ “financial freedom”. Better finances are supposed to​ give you more freedom in​ life. Perhaps more freedom is​ not best for you at​ this time. Perhaps a​ lesser degree of​ freedom would help you to​ develop considerably beyond where you would be if​ you had financial freedom now. Something else to​ consider…
This article has attempted to​ reveal and review some of​ the​ relevant issues involved in​ bringing more money into your life and improving your finances. For a​ more comprehensive treatment of​ this self development topic and many more,​ see our FREE ebook “Manifesting Mindset” as​ described below.

Bringing More Money Into Your Life A Short Review

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